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Coronavirus origin: China replies U.S., 13 other countries

China on Wednesday disproved a joint statement made by the U.S. and 13 other countries expressing “concerns” over the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) report on the origins of coronavirus.

WHO team lands in China to trace COVID-19 origin

An international team of World Health Organisation(WHO) experts tasked with studying the origin of COVID-19 outbreak has arrived Wuhan, China

WHO probes cluster of COVID-19 cases in Geneva headquarters

The World Health Organization (WHO) said a possible small cluster of COVID-19 cases in its Geneva headquarters, is under investigation.

WHO says Remdesivir not effective as COVID-19 cure

The World Health Organisation said Thursday night that the antiviral drug Remdesivir strongly touted by US President Trump, as a cure for COVID-19, is of of little effect on patients.

Covid-19 pandemic has just begun: WHO envoy Nabbaro

The world is still “at the beginning” of the COVID-19 pandemic and is “not even at the middle,” a WHO envoy, Dr. David Nabarro has told the U.K. Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

Melinda Gates to Trump: Your WHO move makes no sense

Melinda Gates has slammed U.S. President Donald Trump for pulling funding from the World Health Organization (WHO) at a time of coronavirus pandemic.

WHO lists six conditions before coronavirus restrictions lifted

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has sounded a stern warning against lifting coronavirus restrictions too soon, saying it could lead to a deadly resurgence.

WHO opens up on 5G mobile spreading Coronavirus

The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday said that viruses cannot travel on radio waves or mobile networks, saying COVID-19 is a respiratory disease.

Trump descends on WHO, slams it China centric

U.S. President Donald Trump is seeking to blame the World Health Organisation for the coronavirus crisis sweeping through his country

Africa will not be guinea pig for COVID-19 vaccine: WHO chief Tedros

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Africa will not become testing ground for any vaccines against COVID-19.

Global Coronavirus cases surpass one million mark

Global coronavirus cases have crossed the one million mark earlier than predicted by the World Health Organisation

WHO shocker: Masks can cause infection, not coronavirus proof

The World Health Organisation, WHO has dropped a shocker to people wearing masks as protection against coronavirus. It said masks do not offer protection...

Eating Garlic, hand dryer: WHO busts 15 coronavirus myths

Many myths exist about the deadly coronavirus causing havoc worldwide. The World Health Organisation on its website and Twitter shatters 15 of such myths

Buhari shows how to maintain social distancing

President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday showed Nigerians how to maintain social distancing in the season of coronavirus pandemic.

Messi, Eto’o join FIFA campaign against coronavirus(Video)

FIFA and the World Health Organisation have launched a joint video campaign aimed at spreading the message of how to protect against infection so as to "kick out coronavirus".

World in coronavirus trouble as face masks run out

The world is running out of masks and other protective equipment against the novel coronavirus, the World Health Organization chief has warned.

Coronavirus not yet a pandemic: WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said the coronavirus outbreak is a global public health emergency, not a pandemic.

China’s Coronavirus kills 38 in 24 hours, WHO calls emergency meeting

China reported its biggest single-day jump in novel coronavirus deaths on Thursday, as 38 people died within 24 hours. All but one of the deaths were in Hubei.

WHO’s alert: Deadly coronavirus in China likely to spread to nations

The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned on Tuesday that the new coronavirus was likely to spread to other parts of China and possibly other countries in coming days.

WHO accuses Tanzania of hoarding information on Ebola

Tanzania has declined to provide detailed information on suspected Ebola cases, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

WHO blow to tobacco firms: E-cigarette ‘undoubtedly harmful’

In a blow to tobacco companies, the World Health Organisation issued a caveat emptor on electronic cigarettes on Friday. It said the use of vaping product by smokers trying to quit their deadly habit of smoking is "undoubtedly harmful" and should be regulated.

Congo’s Ebola outbreak an emergency: WHO

The World Health Organization on Wednesday declared the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo a "public health emergency of international concern," a rare designation only used for the gravest epidemics.

7,000 children die everyday -WHO

The World Health Organisation has revealed that 7,000 children die everyday.

Pollution Kills 1.7 Million Children Yearly – WHO

Polluted environments take the lives of 1.7 million children under the age of five, according to two new reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Polio: South Sudan, WHO To Immunise 3m Children

South Sudan and the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday began immunisation targeting over three million children against Polio amid multiple health challenges and famine.

Strange disease kills 7 in central Tanzania

Ummy Mwalimu, Tanzania’s Minister of Health, on Monday in Dar es Salaam said that a strange disease in central Tanzania has killed seven people...

Liberia declared Ebola free for third time, WHO cautions on flare-ups

For the third time, the World Health Organisation has announced an end to the latest flare-up of the Ebola virus in Liberia, a...

WHO urges sustained measles vaccination

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for sustained measles vaccination as reports had shown that the number of measles-related deaths had decreased largely...

WHO scientists investigate ‘mysterious deaths’ in Nigerian town

A "mysterious" disease that kills patients within 24 hours, said to have been inflicted by an angry 'god', has claimed at least 18...

UN agency declares Mali Ebola virus free

The Malian government and the United Nations on Sunday declared the country free of Ebola after 42 days without any new cases of the...

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