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Video: Sisiyemmie shares recipe for party food

If you've always wanted to learn bulk cooking and didn't know the right steps to take, Nigerian food vlogger Yemisi Odusanya, known professionally as Sisiyemmie, will show you how.

See loved up picture of Sisiyemmie, Bobo Yomi

Content creator, popular lifestyle and food vlogger Yemisi Odusanya, aka Sisiyemmie has shared a romantic picture with her husband Bobo Yomi.

Read what Sisiyemmie said about #EndSARS movement

Food and lifestyle vlogger Sisiyemmie, was shocked to hear the terrible experience of Nigerians who have been victims of police brutality.

Video: Learn how to disinfect veggies from Sisiyemmie

Yemisi Odusanya aka Sisiyemmie, definitely rings a bell, when food vloggers in Nigeria, are mentioned. The content creator has released a new vlog on her YouTube channel.

Sisiyemmie releases new ‘peppered kpomo’ recipe (video)

Popular Nigerian content creator, who vlogs about food, motherhood, relationships, career and beauty Yemisi Odusanya aka Sisiyemmie, comes through with a new recipe.

Sisiyemmie, out with ingredient prepping vlog

Popular content creator, food and lifestyle vlogger Yemisi Odusanya known professionally as Sisiyemmie, comes through with a new video.

Sisiyemmie shares adorable picture of her kids

Sisiyemmie took to her timeline to show off her two kids Tito and Tiara.

Take cooking a step higher with Sisiyemmie’s Banga recipe

If you are from the South South region in Nigeria, then you're most likely familiar with banga soup. Food and lifestyle vlogger Sisiyemmie reveals the process and recipe involved in making this amazing dish.

Cook entanglement okra soup with Sisiyemmie (video)

Yemisi Odusanya professionally known as Sisiyemmie has a new recipe on her YouTube channel where she shared how to make a not so regular Okra soup.

Watch how Sisiyemmie creates food & lifestyle content

Lagos based YouTuber and food vlogger Sisiyemmie releases the latest video of her vlog where she takes followers through how she creates content for her brand.

Sisiyemmie takes fans into a day in her life

If you want to learn how to make egg sauce then food and lifestyle vlogger Yemisi Odusanya aka Sisiyemmie, is your best shot for a delicious recipe.

Marriage isn’t a reward for good behavior – Sisiyemmie

Content creator, YouTuber and vlogger Yemisi Odusanya, professionally known as SisiYemmie drops her opinion on marriage and singleness.

See hilarious advice Sisiyemmie gave a fan

Food and lifestyle blogger Sisiyemmie has replied a follower in the most hilarious way, after she was asked what ingredient can be used for Egusi (melon) soup.

Prepare chicken wings with Sisiyemmie, using air fryer (video)

Yemisi Odusanya, professionally known as Sisiyemmie uses an air fryer for the first time to fry chicken wings and the result was yummy.

Learn how to make peppered turkey with Sisiyemmie (video)

If you are a foodie then you should be reading this story right now. Award winning YouTuber Sisiyemmie shares a new recipe.

Video: How to prepare yummy rice & beans

New recipes are springing up each day by one of our favorite food and lifestyle blogger Yemisi Odusanya popularly called Sisiyemmie.

Sisiyemmie shares new ‘Efo Riro’ recipe (video)

If you need to switch up your recipe to a new one when you want to cook the popular Yoruba soup 'Efo Riro' then watch this Sisiyemmie's video.

Check out Sisiyemmie’s recipe for Puff Puff

Lifestyle vlogger and food content creator Sisiyemmie, shares with fans how she makes very yummy Puff Puff since we're all home this season.

Learn new methods to prepare ‘Moi-Moi’ (video)

‘Moi-Moi’ (Beans pudding) is one favorite food in a typical Nigerian home, especially for elderly people who are looking to be healthy and avoid all the sugary stuff.

How to preserve fried rice (video)

Preserving fried rice for a long time is an issue that most people face after the preparation. The rice spoils easily due to the fruits in it.

What Sisiyemmie’s daughter got for her birthday (video)

Nigerian Food and Lifestyle Blogger Sisiyemmie and her family celebrated her daughter Tiara's first birthday and unboxing the gifts they got is the best part of the celebration so far.

Find out what Sisiyemmie always wanted (video)

Nigerian Food and Lifestyle Blogger who documents bits of every other day in her life with son Tito , daughter Tiara and husband Bobo, is here again, but this time, it is to educate us on where we can take our kids to have fun and what she Sisiyemmie has always wanted.

Sisiyemmie made it to Leading Ladies Africa100Women list

Food and lifestyle blogger Sisiyemmie, popular for her recipes and savory food videos has been listed among the 100 Leading Ladies Africa’s rank for impacting the world, pushing boundaries and redefining leadership.

Sisiyemmie & kids cool off at a beach

Lagos weather is currently very hot and so lifestyle, food, and content vlogger Yemisi Odusanya popular known as Sisiyemmie is taking her kids Tito and Tiara to the beach this evening.

Video: Learn how to prepare goat meat stew

Food, Family and Lifestyle vlogger Sisiyemmie teases our appetite with her latest recipe on how to prepare stew with Tomatoes, Pepper, Onion, Salt, White Pepper, Beef Seasoning, Vegetable Oil and Goat Meat.

Photos: Sisiyemmie’s daughter clocks 1

Content creator, food and lifestyle vlogger Sisiyemmie celebrate her daughter Tiaraoluwa who turned 1 today. The brand influencer and mum of 2 shared pictures of her baby girl on her timeline and they are adorable.

Video: Sisiyemmie shares 20 new snack tips

Snacks are always handy and a quick go-to, to quench hunger pangs before the male meal is ready.

Video: Learn to cook Banga Rice

Nigerian Food and Lifestyle Blogger documenting bits of every other day in her life with son Tito , daughter Tiara, and husband Bobo, shares a new recipe to spice up your cooking game this decade.

Video: How to make stir fry sauce with pasta

If you are tired of eating boring pasta with tin tomatoes and fish, here's a new recipe you can try out for you and your family.

Video: How to prepare seafood okra soup

In this episode of Sisi weekly, lifestyle and food vlogger Sisiyemmie shares details on how to cook seafood okra soup with Barracuda fish.

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