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Results of Brexit trickling in for Britain: They are catastrophic

With Brexit, Britain has wilfully made itself the economic equivalent of a banana republic. Not metaphorically, but literally.

Britain is Becoming the World’s Newest Failed State

Britain is a failing state, a nation that has imploded into stupidity, ugliness, hate, brutality, ignorance, greed, racism

Boris Johnson gets final Brexit trade deal

British lawmakers overwhelmingly approved Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union on Wednesday

British manufacturers warn on peril of ‘No Deal Brexit’

Britain’s manufacturing industry warned of a potential ‘knockout blow’ if Prime Minister Boris Johnson is unable to secure a trade deal with the European Union before temporary transition arrangements end on Dec. 31.

Post-Brexit: Foreign rough sleepers in UK to face deportation

Foreign homeless people sleeping in the streets of the United Kingdom might be deported under the new immigration rules that will come into force once the UK leaves the EU on Jan. 1, 2021, media said.

In new Brexit row, Britain sets out details for post-EU life

After leaving the EU in January, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pushed on with plans for the end of a status quo period in December

UK says farewell to EU

Britain on Friday ended 47 years of European Union membership, making a historic exit after years of bitter arguments, the resignation by two prime ministers, to chart its own uncertain path in the world.

UK leaves EU today

The United Kingdom will finally have its Brexit at 11 pm on Friday, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson expected to deliver an emotional divorce address in a broadcast.

Brexit now sealed in law, 31 January point of no return

Britain's departure from the European Union was set in law Wednesday as London returned a signed treaty and MEPs prepared to vote to ratify the divorce.

Brexit finally a done deal, House of Commons approves bill

After years of delay, Britain’s House of Commons on Thursday ratified Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement by 330 votes to 231, clearing the way for Brexit to happen on January 31.

UK Parliament to rubber stamp Johnson’s Brexit today

The British parliament will vote on Boris Johnson’s deal to leave the EU on Friday, a move the prime minister described as delivering on his promise to “get the Brexit vote wrapped up for Christmas” after his landslide election victory.

“No-deal Brexit is not off the table’’ – Former PM Blair says

British former Prime Minister Tony Blair, on Monday, said Britain was in a dangerous mess and that neither his own Labour party nor Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative party deserved to win a Dec. 12 election.

Just IN: Brexit now 31 January 2020, EU says

The European Union has granted Britain's request to extend its exit from the union until 31 January 2020.

London on tenterhooks

Anxiety writ large in the United Kingdom as it awaits Brussels' decision on Brexit after the House of Commons forced Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ask the EU to postpone it until 31 January 2020, instead of crashing out of the bloc this week in accordance with the previous deadline.

Boris Johnson October 31 Brexit deadline derailed, EU backs delay

Boris Johnson’s obsessive mission to take the U.K. out of the European Union on 31 October was derailed as members of Parliament dramatically blocked his plan to rush the Brexit deal into law.

EU moves on to divorce UK despite delay request

Brussels officials on Sunday pressed on with plans to ratify the divorce deal as European leaders considered Prime Minister Boris Johnson's reluctant request for a Brexit delay.

Boris Johnson vows to disobey Parliament, insists on Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is bent on not complying with the decision of Parliament to seek Brexit delay.

Pro-EU, Pro-Brexit demonstrations in London

Tens of thousands of pro-EU protesters from across Britain wielding banners, placards and flags converged on parliament Saturday, erupting in cheers as MPs forced the government to ask Brussels for another Brexit delay.

Brexit: British MPs deal Boris Johnson another blow

Just as predicted British Prime Minister did not have his way in Parliament today as MPs voted to force him to ask the European Union to delay Brexit yet again.But Johnson insisted Britain must leave EU on October 31

Brexit: High drama awaits Boris Johnson in Parliament

Prime Minister Boris Johnson puts his last-minute Brexit deal to a vote in an extraordinary sitting of the British parliament on Saturday, a day...

Boris Johnson warns EU Brexit will happen 31 October

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned the European Union on Sunday he will not delay Brexit beyond October 31, underlining that his latest proposals are a last chance to reach a deal.

Lionel Messi may be denied entry to UK

Lionel Messi could have some problems travelling to the UK if Barcelona are pitched against a English side in the Champions League after Brexit.

Boris Johnson unveils final Brexit plan, writes EU(The Letter)

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson on Wednesday unveiled his own Brexit plan for keeping the Irish border open, warning the only alternative was leaving the European Union on October 31 without any deal.

Brexit: Boris Johnson will “get it done”- Trump

U.S. President, Donald Trump, on Tuesday, urged British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to complete the country’s exit from the EU as the two leaders met at the UN General Assembly.

Boris Johnson “strongly disagrees” with Supreme Court ruling

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given his first reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling that his decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful.

UK Labour party rejects EU ‘remain’ position

Members of Britain’s Labour Party voted against deciding to immediately campaign to stay in the European Union, a boost to leader Jeremy Corbyn who wants to first secure a national election and then determine Labour’s stance.

No deal Brexit: EU car makers warn UK on billions of Euro and job losses

A month before Britain is due to quit the European Union, the bloc’s car-makers have joined forces to warn of billions of euros in losses in the event of a no-deal Brexit with production stoppages costing 50,000 pounds a minute in Britain alone.

‘Incredible Hulk’ Boris Johnson still eyes October no-deal Brexit

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson likened himself to the comic book character The Incredible Hulk in a newspaper interview where he stressed his determination to take Britain out of the European Union on Oct. 31.

Opposition leaders agree to vote against Boris Johnson’s call

Senior British opposition lawmakers on Friday agreed to vote against Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s call to hold a snap election on Oct. 15, making his parliamentary motion almost certain to fail.

Boris Johnson prefers dying than delaying Brexit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Thursday he would "rather be dead in a ditch" than delay Brexit beyond next month, as he urged opposition lawmakers who oppose his plan to support an early election.

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