Sheikh Gumi: Greenfield students kidnapped by Boko Haram, not Bandits

Sheikh Gumi: image launderer and spokesman for terrorists and bandits
Sheikh Gumi: image launderer and spokesman for terrorists and bandits
Sheikh Gumi
Sheikh Gumi.

Popular Northern Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has said that the kidnapped students of Greenfield University, Kaduna were abducted by terrorist group Boko Haram and not bandits.

The cleric said this in an interview with African Independent Television, Kakaaki, AIT on Tuesday, adding that he came to the conclusion after he traced them.

He said: “Yes Boko Haram is responsible for the abduction of Kaduna students. When we tried to trace them and put some sense into them, the contact who is also a nomadic Fulani, threatened me.

“They said if we insist on them they were going to catch me and I will have to pay a ransom before I get out.”

“The leader of the kidnap gang is from Jalingo. He is from Adamawa. He is not the local Fulani we have here. So this means that the Northeastern element is coming into this area and we have to move fast. We don’t have that luxury of time.”

Gumi further lamented that the government has neglected his calls on how to end banditry.

“I have been trying to speak with the government but nobody is really trying to listen to me or speak with me on this issue.

In a separate interview with The PUNCH, Gumi urged the government not to take the threat by the kidnappers lightly.

He said the Central Bank of Nigeria should pay the N100m ransom being demanded by the kidnappers of the students.


  1. Nigeria is not a serious country. Why is this man treated as if he is above the law because he is an Islamic cleric?
    What does it take to know that this man knows more than he tells us bout terrorism?
    Why has he not not been invited or arrested or questioned by the security agencies?
    He traces and located all terrorists.
    How does he do that ? Who informs him there whereabout?
    How does he get Thier phone number?
    And what does he gain from the ransom when paid? How many times will central bank pay terrorists?
    Is that his duty to collect ransom?
    Can we resolve these questions?

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