Buhari must restructure Nigeria now or Yoruba will secede – Adebanjo 

President Buhari and Ayo Adebanjo
Adebanjo asks Buhari to restructure Nigeria now or the Yoruba will secede
Adebanjo asks Buhari to restructure Nigeria now or the Yoruba will secede
Adebanjo asks Buhari to restructure Nigeria now or the Yoruba will secede

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Leader of the Pan-Yoruba Socio-Cultural Organisation, Afenifere, Pa Ayo Adebanjo has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to restructure the country now or the Yoruba people will secede from Nigeria.

Adebanjo, on his twitter handle, lamented that Nigeria is bleeding with nothing being done by the Buhari administration.

He said the nation is heading towards destruction with the level of insecurity everywhere, with no significant impact from the government.

Adebanjo added that Buhari should restructure Nigeria now as the Yoruba would go their separate way if this was not done.

In his words: “President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria is bleeding and routing towards destruction.

“Restructure now or we go our separate way. #OduduwaExit.”


  1. They will NEVER do anything concerning Restructuring , it will NOT favour the NORTH, so they will not do it .
    Anything that will not help or favour the north, they will NOT do it .

  2. Armchair activists. I doubt Adebanjo has ever read the Nigerian Constitution. BUHARI has ZERO powers to ‘restructure’ Nigeria, whatever that means. Any Presidential Candidate running on that is a fraudster. Try another trick. A simple LG Autonomy has failed to pass NASS + 36 State Assemblies for 6 years now. Is it a poorly crafted and misdefined concept of ‘restructuring’ that no two persons, even in Afenifere can define in same terms that will pass? These Afenifere and other pressure groups are frauds and ponzi scheme deceiving the people. All they are working for is political patronage

  3. Gbenga as you called the elder that is equal to your grandfather idiot you are already cursed that can never be removed from you for life if you are okay under this Admin then keep on suffer till 2023 Yoruba is United and our fathers after Pa. Awolowo are taking decision and our president should agree if he still wants one Nigeria so Mr Gbenga apologize to our fore runner

  4. I would be thinking that the Yoruba Nation has become a little bit behind the times since the advent of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Seems the leaders of Afenifere sincerely believe the executive arm of government can bypass the national assembly and the judiciary to issue decrees that can alter the geographical face of the country. Please Yorubas, we are supposed be far more smarter than this. Nigeria is a duly elected democratic government, not a military junta. If there is any such thing as restructuring, then a yoruba Lobby group is supposed to present their case to elected members of the national assembly who will debate the issue and come up with a way of altering the constitution to make it possible. Is it perceivable that the Afenifere can be so ignorant of basic political principles and yet be able to run an independent Yoruba Nation? Think, Yorubas, think. Stop making your brothers and sisters the laughing stock of the Northern political elite. Nigeria’s constitution is more than likely what needs to be seriously amended and that can only be effected by the duly elected national assembly which comprise of delegates from all parts of the country. If the National Assembly does its job to the satisfaction of everyone and the President of the nation does not agrees with their conclusion, that is when Afenifere is supposed to act, not before. If the national assembly does not do a good job, then keep lobbying them until they do. That is how a democracy is built.

  5. This Idiot (Adebanjo) wined and dinned with Obasanjo and PDP led government for 16 years, He didn’t issue thesame threat then because He was getting paid and now that He is broke and couldn’t get a dime from Buhari Government, He is now issuing threat

    • @ Gbenga So are you saying you do not need restructuring or the tone ?. You cannot prove that he was being paid, that aside, did you have this kind of lawlessness during the PDP time?. The reason why your country is in a shithole is because majority of you are under developed cognitively. The way you think about stuff is always on partisan lines. The question you need to answer is why things are so bad now? So Mr or Mrs Gbenga, you don’t like yourselves, so you don’t need to be in same country period.

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