Tinubu: APC will rule Nigeria beyond 2023

Tinubu speaks with the media at the end of the meeting with Buhari
Tinubu speaks with the media at the end of the meeting with Buhari
Tinubu speaks with the media at the end of the meeting with Buhari
Tinubu speaks with the media at the end of the meeting with Buhari

By Ismaila Chafe/Abuja

National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, said the APC is loved by Nigerians and has bright chances of ruling the country beyond 2023.

Tinubu stated this Tuesday when he fielded questions from State House correspondents after a closed door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He also reassured Nigerians that President Buhari respects the Nigerian Constitution and would vacate office at the expiration of his tenure on May 29, 2023.

“The chances are as bright as a midnight star and we will continue to work for a better Nigeria.

“We cannot interject politics and assumption in everything, we have a nation to build.

“We have a baton to pass. You can depend on Buhari that he will not spend one hour beyond his tenure. He will comply with the constitution.”

The APC chieftain also charged all well-meaning citizens to remain united in the wake of current security challenges confronting some parts of the country.

He said all Nigerians must put aside their religious, political or ethnic differences and cooperate with security agents to surmount the problem.

“Yes, every nation will go through these curves and difficult times but how we communicate it to the people and what are the areas to make it easier for the people to bear, those are ideas we have to be able to exchange with the leadership of the country.

“It calls for coming together to reduce banditry, move for unity and be able to bring a better Nigeria to the people because the welfare of our people is extremely important.

“This also calls for cooperation and understanding, effective security and effective giving of information.”

According to him, the president has the interest of all Nigerians at heart and will not like to see them facing difficulties.

“There is no president who will want to see his country in chaos nor is there anyone who will want to see his citizens exposed to banditry and danger.

“No president or a leader that will want to see his nation fractured in tribalism or religious differences and others.

“The current challenges call for serious management, evaluation and dialogue once in a while,” he said.


  1. Tinubu’s lack of wisdom, wrong thinking, selfish knowledge if he has any at all, wicked assumption that will end up in his grave, and beast thinker. Nigeria is not for section of Nigerians but for all Nigerians but this time, we are going to vote the right person, if there is going to be election. Nigerians can never be deceived any longer.

  2. First of all, both parties, APC and PDP are trash. I can bet my house that Thieftinubu will never be the President of Nigeria. Who in their right mind will vote for a thief and godfather of Thug MC Oluomo? Tinubu makes me sick.

  3. Yes you are very very mad man.
    That why your wife are interrupting with this concurrent situation in this country.
    You and your forget that you from south west which is Yoruba. And you forget that in olden days, we are the one to elect some one with ifa and were the one to impeach him. This is Yoruba lands.
    Remember END S.A. S

  4. I am glad my SW brothers and sisters are waking up. Tinunbu and the foisted Buhari have no shame. How can a man with brain be happy and said such things with a straight face. Everything, everyone and everywhere is upside down. Shame shame shame

  5. He has not said anything about wanton killing, kidnaping, insecurity going on in the country under APC. All this demon and God forsaken idiot cares for is for APC to rule beyond 2023. By God’s grace, you won’t taste that position you so much coveted for your selfish interest.

  6. Out of all the things going on, is it your desire to continue all the bad things happening under APC? It has never been this bad.We are not interested in you and APC, God is on our side you have failed.

  7. Is this the main concern of this man at this point of national crisis?
    With due respect sir, you have not exhibited common sense!!!

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