#GirlsInICT: TikTok celebrates women in ICT

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Popular video-sharing social networking service is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Girls in ICT Day, today.

It is a global movement that recognizes women in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

It is also a day sets aside to encourage young women around the world to play a greater role in the technology revolution.

In support of this initiative, TikTok has launched a campaign, #GirlsInICT for the day with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) by promoting to recognize brilliant women in the sector.

As the ICT sector is typically considered a male-dominated industry, International Girls in ICT Day is a great way to draw attention to the critical need for more women in the sector.

For Nigeria especially, there is a need to grow the ICT sector with the local government continuing to express its commitment to actively supporting and promoting the growth of ICT in the country as a whole.

The TikTok community is encouraged to get involved in this day by taking part in the #GirlsInICT challenge in-app. All users need to do is share their tips and techniques for using different technological tools along with the hashtag.

Furthermore, in light of International Girls in ICT Day, here are three brilliant tech girls who are representing the ICT sector on TikTok in Nigeria. Check out their profiles and content below.

On TikTok, Simi Okpeseyi makes content that applies to the lived experience of female users, deftly mixing personal detail with beauty advice and suggestions. Simi is also an aspiring scientist but loves to show off her tech side as a programmer.

A creative manager operating in science, technology, information and technology, Tennie showcases other aspects of her personality on TikTok but is quick to remind that she is keenly interested in creator management.

An engineer by trade, Gloria Asuquo mixes the daily bustle of engineering life with her other career as an online content creator, showcasing the variety of options available in the tech world. Known as GloriaSweetness on TikTok, her content varies between comedic singalongs, dancing videos, and memes.

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