Ohanaeze Ndigbo: IPOB wants justice, Igbo presidency

George Obiozor: leader of Ohanaeze Ndigbo:
Ambassador George Obiozor, leader of Pan Igbo Ohanaeze

George Obiozor, president-general of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, said the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) want Igbo Presidency just like the rest of Igbos.

Obiozor made the comment on Tuesday while speaking during an Arise TV programme.

He stated that not all members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are seeking to secede from Nigeria.

He said some of them just want to bring attention to the marginalization and deprivation that the Igbo are suffering.

“Who told you all the people in IPOB want secession? They want justice. Just like the rest of Igbos”, Obiozor said.

“They want the country’s attention to the relative deprivation that Igbos are facing; to the glass ceilings that prevent Igbos from certain goals within their own country. That’s what IPOB and Biafra people are talking about.”

Obiozor added that an Igbo presidency is the key agenda of the Ohanaeze group as 2023 draws closer.

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo leader said the group is ready to negotiate with other regions to ensure the agenda comes to fruition.

“We support Igbo president with open arms. It is the most important thing that will happen to Igbos. Finally, it is our turn. And we are going to work it so hard,” Obiozor said

“We will talk to other parts of Nigeria to give us a chance. Because it is right, reasonable, deserving and timely. It is wonderful to consider it done by this time. Igbo presidency is our agenda.”


  1. What a time to canvass for Igbo Presidency. Such a bad bad time

    No right thinking Igbo man would be lobbying for an Igbo man to become Nigeria’s President, as least not for now.

    Not with all the damages and destructions Buhari has done to Nigeria.

    What would anyone do to revive the collapsed economy. Nigeria’s unity and insecurity. What? How?

    How could an Igbo man successfully removed all the half baked and unqualified fulani herdsmen officials Buhari has appointed in every agencies and government parastatals without being cajoled, harrased or impeached by the north dominated national assembly.

    How could anyone be successful in government without stepping on the toes of the un progressive northerners who have perennially held Nigeria down with unfeasible policies.

    Buhari and his northern political elites have destroyed Nigeria, the best bet is for them to continue ruling Nigeria unjustly till the spontaneous disintegration of Nigeria. Which is inevitable.

    I wouldn’t want it to be recorded in history that it was during the reign of an Igbo man or any southerner that Nigeria was dismembered.

    There is nothing left in Nigeria. Buhari has finished Nigeria. Northerners should be allowed to revive Nigeria or bury her.

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