Zamfara buys 450 truckloads of rice, millet for Ramadan

Zamfara Governor Bello Matawalle buys 450 truckloads of food for Ramadan
Zamfara Governor Bello Matawalle buys 450 truckloads of food for Ramadan
Zamfara Governor Bello Matawalle buys 450 truckloads of food for Ramadan
Zamfara Governor Bello Matawalle buys 450 truckloads of food for Ramadan

The Zamfara State Government has spent ₦2.9 billion on the purchase of essential commodities for distribution to various categories of people as Ramadan welfare.

Commissioner for Information, Ibrahim Dosara, disclosed this in a statement he issued on Sunday in Gusau, the state capital.

He said the government had appointed the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Nasiru Magarya, as the Chairman of the main committee for distribution of this year’s Ramadan welfare package.

According to the commissioner, the Speaker has assured that the gesture would reach all beneficiaries in the state, adding that he had already set up various committees to easing the distribution.

“The aim is to help in reducing the hardship being faced by people and to enable them to conduct the Ramadan fast with relative ease and happiness,” the statement partly read.

“In order to ensure equity, fairness and justice in the distribution exercise, the governor has ordered for the formation and or constitution of committees at state, local government, ward and polling unit levels with members drawn from the political class, labour, traditional and religious leaders.”

Dosara further revealed that the 450 truckloads of the welfare packages contained rice, millet, maize, beans, sugar and milk were being distributed to the vulnerable, less privileged, internally displaced persons, civil servants and other categories of members of the public.


  1. Yup Ranka dede policy. #2.9 billion, so what happens after that?. Kidnapping, begging and terrorism returns. The North is so backward that I find hard that reconcile them with reality.

  2. Mr. Governor, is that how you could demonstrate dividend of democracy?. What of Non Muslims? how does
    your stupid waste of state resources affect them.

    Mr. Governor, if i were in your state i will lead a protest march and ask the state House of Assembly to impeach you

    You find it difficult to pay state workers N30000.00 per Month, how many jobs have you created since you become a Governor . You spent N2.9 Billion on rice because you can convert or corner over 50 percent to your pocket.

    Mr. Governor, do not give your people fish but teach them how to catch fish.

    Poverty shall continue in Nigeria especially in the Northern Nigeria because most of our leaders are wicked and self centered, they have not plan to left their people out of poverty or to educate them as enlightenment shall end their wickedness and become a big challenge to their children.

    Why do Nigerian leaders allow schools to be on strike for Years while they use the state resources to train their Children in the best Overseas school.
    Why do they allow Doctor to be strike Year in and Year out while they travel to Overseas hospitals to treat Headache, take Covid19 injection, etc
    Why is it that our Refineries are not functioning right from day one while we have being expectorating Crude oil since 1958 if not WICKED, WICKED LEADERS

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