YouTube’s suspension of Emmanuel TV is God’s work – T.B. Joshua

TB Joshua says suspension of Emmanuel TV is by YouTube is the work of God
TB Joshua says suspension of Emmanuel TV by YouTube is the work of God
TB Joshua says suspension of Emmanuel TV by YouTube is the work of God

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Founder of Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua has said the suspension of Emmanuel TV by YouTube is the work of God.

“My response to Emmanuel TV’s YouTube suspension. Good Morning! I want to salute our viewers all over the world.

“I got to know what happened to YouTube when I saw viewers complaining. That is the work of God! It is like honey. Wherever it drops, insects seek and find it,” he said in a video Joshua tweeted.

According to him, what happened was a blessing, urging his followers to pray for Youtube and that they should not see them as enemies but friends.

“I want you to help me pray for Youtube, don’t see them the other way round, see them as friends, we need to be strong, be strong.

“I viewed the comments of viewers all over the world and I know as human, the way you look at it is not the way I am going to look at it. I look at it differently.

“Please, remember to pray for YouTube organisation. Many of you here today, if not YouTube, you may likely not be here. They are friends. Very soon the whole thing will be settled,” he stated.

YouTube had on April 12 suspended Emmanuel TV on the channel over hate speech.

Joshua had said the decision was too hasty.

“We have had a long and fruitful relationship with YouTube and believe this decision was made in haste,” he said.

He also said he and his church were making efforts to appeal the decision and get the channel restored.

“Emmanuel TV’s mission is to share the love of God with everyone – irrespective of race or religion – and we strongly oppose all forms of hate speech!”, he said.

A YouTube spokesperson told openDemocracy that the channel had been closed because its policy “prohibits content which alleges that someone is mentally ill, diseased, or inferior because of their membership in a protected group including sexual orientation”.


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