Jide Kosoko sends message to Nigerian government

Jide Kosoko
Jide Kosoko.
Jide Kosoko
Jide Kosoko

By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

Veteran Nollywood actor, Jide Kosoko has called on the government to build at least one or two cinemas in all 774 local governments in the country.

He said this was necessary to give more platforms for filmmakers to showcase their works.

The actor said the act would also complement the effort of private cinemas established around the country and would support the fast-growing movie industry in Nigeria.

Kosoko who said this during an interview with the Nigerian Tribune said the cinema culture used to be in vogue and now growing again gradually.

He laments that films struggle to get dates because there are not enough cinemas to show them.

The Yoruba actor said these cinemas do not have to be too beautiful but an assembly hall where films can be screened and it is comfortable enough.

“The issue is that we produce movies, and with the cinema houses we have, films are still struggling to get dates because there are not enough cinema houses to show them.

“ We expect government too to at least build a cinema or two in each local government in Nigeria.

“ Forget about too beautiful a cinema, let there be an assembly hall where film can be screened and it is comfortable enough and let there be platforms, atmosphere that our people can enjoy these movies,” he said.


  1. I think people in high places should set and get their priorities right. Governments should absolutely have no business building cinema halls, churches, mosques, markets and other such infrastructures anywhere at anytime. Sure, cinema halls may expose new and upcoming artists to the people and perhaps create more jobs for young adults, but this kind of venture is in the private sector domain and should remain so. Why must governments be involved in projects that can be adequately taken care of by the many rich people we have in Nigeria and Nollywood itself? These people can do fund raising to exploit such areas successfully. Nigerians need to be educated that the capitalist democratic form of governance that the Nigerian constitution engenders is supposed to be positively competitive and profit motivated with no more than 20% government input. Individuals are supposed to be the activators of the other 80%.

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