Reveal the truth about your health, Bishop Wale Oke tells Buhari

Bishop Wale Oke and President Buhari
Bishop Wale Oke and President Buhari

Bishop Wale Oke, the President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, has urged the Federal Government to stop hiding the truth about the health status of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Bishop Oke noted that the president is no longer a private person and needs to be more open so that the Christian body would know how to pray for him.

Oke, who spoke in Lagos at a press briefing, said:

“We are praying for our President, for good health; he has been out of the country for two weeks on health matters. However, two things give us concern about our President’s sojourn. We feel that the nation is not being told all the truth. We ask that the Federal Government and Presidency should lay the cards on the table and tell us what is happening to our President. He is no longer a private person; he belongs to us, so we will know how to direct our prayers. Stop hiding the health status of our President, tell the whole nation and then we will know what to do.”

Bishop Oke also wondered why the President preferred travelling abroad for medical checkups.

He said: “Again, we are concerned that whenever our President needs a health check, he will go out of the country. To us, that is a major national security risk. Does it mean our President is safer in the hands of foreigners than our hands? Supposing those people, in an attempt to undermine our nation, play games with our President, what can we do? Why should our elected officers be going abroad for health care when they can inject money in our health care sector?”

Oke also urged the Federal Government to rise to its number one responsibility of protecting all Nigerians.

He said, “Everybody should be concerned about the security situation of this nation. We want to charge the Federal Government to rise to its number one responsibility of protecting the lives and property of all Nigerians. I want to charge the newly appointed security chiefs to not talk the talk but walk the talk, live up to expectations, bring their skills to bare and let’s deal with insurgency.

“PFN is of the opinion that the government should not negotiate with bandits, negotiating with bandits is an admittance of governmental failure. Bandits are not to be negotiated with, they are meant to face the full wrath of the law. Why should a credible government be negotiating with rapists, kidnappers, murderers? It is not acceptable. I do not believe that the Nigerian government has failed yet, the government can rise up to the occasion and bring the full weight of justice to bare on the killers, rapists and bandits.”


  1. Pastor Wale Oke is seriously sick is even looking older than is age, he should stop fooling his members, let him come out and declare his health status to his follower,.he should leave me President alone

  2. Why listening to all this fake pastor. I expected a claimed man of God to be preaching gospel and pray for sick not to embarrassed the sick. Most of Nigeria pastors are criminals in their own. Churches are business in Nigeria, turns factories to churches and praying for job. Dunlop manufacturing site in the heart of Lagos converted to place of worship. One is about to build 100,000 capacity at 160 billion naira while Catholic Church is investing charities and building schools, hospitals and….

  3. A Person ran, won and run the affairs of USA as the President elect on a weelchair. And Buhari is a public servant like any other ministry staff. The only difference here is, he is the President. He is entitled to health care as well

  4. I think it is a high time Buhari is left alone. Nothing good can come out of his administration in term of all embracing democracy as he is not capable of seeing within the context of enlightened public opinion. How do we move from the morass in which we find ourselves? The least we expect is a true federation in term of resource derivation and utilisation and state or regional police. Nothing anywhere in the world moves without security The other alternative, ….almost everybody detests it.

  5. Where in the world has a president told his people what he is suffering from? Are you going to tell Nigerians that you have not been to the hospital before? If yes, have you disclosed your sickness to your congregation that foot your bills?

  6. We all thought this religious leaders are all visionaries. Can’t they see the Presidents ailments. Please they should leave him alone to take care of his self. God Bless Nigeria

    • If the president is sick and not capable of running the country. He should resign and go and take care of himself. By then nobody will no if he travels or not because he is a private person. As a president, he is a public figure

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