Emmanuel TV: UK organisation reported TB Joshua to YouTube

TB Joshua: UK organisation behind his Emmanuel TV YouTube blackout
TB Joshua: UK organisation behind his Emmanuel TV YouTube blackout
TB Joshua: UK organisation behind his Emmanuel TV YouTube blackout
TB Joshua: UK organisation behind his Emmanuel TV YouTube blackout

By Our Reporter

UK civil rights organisation, OpenDemocracy, masterminded the blocking of Emmanuel TV channel on YouTube, reports have shown.

And Pastor T.B. Joshua’s claim that he could cure gays and lesbians of their sexual orientation was what provoked the group to file a complaint to YouTube, accusing him of propagating hatred.

UK-based openDemocracy filed a complaint after reviewing seven videos posted on TB Joshua Ministries’ YouTube channel between 2016 and 2020, which show the preacher conducting prayers to “cure” gay people.

One of the videos is an update of a prayer session of a woman called Okoye, first broadcast in 2018.

In it TB Joshua slaps and pushes Okoye and an unnamed woman at least 16 times and tells Okoye: “There is a spirit disturbing you. She has transplanted herself into you. It is the spirit of woman,” openDemocracy reports.

The video which was viewed more than 1.5 million before the YouTube channel was taken down, later shows her testifying before the congregation that “the spirit of woman” had been destroying her life but she had been healed after the preacher’s prayers.

She declares that she had stopped having “affection” to women and “now I have affections for men”.

A YouTube spokesperson told openDemocracy that the channel had been closed because its policy “prohibits content which alleges that someone is mentally ill, diseased, or inferior because of their membership in a protected group including sexual orientation”.

The preacher said he was appealing against YouTube’s decision.

A post on TB Joshua Ministries Facebook account said: “We have had a long and fruitful relationship with YouTube and believe this decision was made in haste.”

According to BBC, Facebook has also removed at least one of the offending posts showing a woman being slapped while TB Joshua says he is casting out a “demonic spirit”.

His YouTube account had 1.8 million subscribers.

*Reported by BBC


  1. If this had happened in Nigeria the bigots would have accused Nigerian government of Insensitivity to christian. CAN and pseudo activists would have threatened to write US and international community.

  2. In my opinion, it would have been better if YouTube had removed any SCOAN program it considered to be against its policy from its platform just like the Facebook did. This is especially important where first time offenders are involved. This will give such offenders enough time to make amendments, where necessary. Outrightly banning an organization for first time infringement of any of YouTube’s policies appears to be high-handed and inequitable.
    The removal of SCOAN from YouTube platform is not proportional to the alleged infringement. For one, the organization was only inviting those who may no longer be interested in such sexual orientation to come for healing. It never at any time made attempts to force or persuade them to change from their orientation.
    Overall, I am joining other well-wishers of the SCOAN to appeal to the YouTube as a responsible organization to rescind its decision on SCOAN as this appears to be hasty.

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