Tinubu denies ‘Jagaba’ rice in some northern states

tinubu denies Jagaba rice
Tinubu denies Jagaba rice
tinubu denies Jagaba rice
Tinubu denies Jagaba rice

By Oluwatope Lawanson

National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has denied distributing bags of ‘Jagaba rice’ in some states in the northern part of Nigeria.

Tinubu made the denial in a statement by his media aide, Mr Tunde Rahman, in Lagos.

A viral video of images depicting the face of the APC leader on bags of rice, labelled ‘Jagaba Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’, was recently being circulated on some social media platforms.

Screenshot of the Tinubu Jagaba  rice in the north
Screenshot of the Tinubu Jagaba rice in the north

The label corrupts Tinubu’s Borgu chieftaincy title of Jagaban.

“We have seen the images being circulated of bags of rice depicting Asiwaju’s face being distributed across parts of the North,” Rahman said.

He said the former governor of Lagos was not responsible for this initiative.

Tinubu, however, commended the efforts of the various groups for their benevolence.

“I am not responsible for this initiative but l commend the efforts of the various volunteer groups responsible for this benign act of charity and love for one another, particularly in this Holy month of Ramadan”.


  1. It’s abundantly clear that if Tinubu ever made it to the Presidency, he would be a slave to the fulanis.

    What a man would be distributing bags of rice to northerners without distributing anything to south westerners, his people.

    Tinubu has time and again proven that he is a useful idiot to the fulanis.

    Tinubu never spoke against cattle colony. He never spoke against RUGA, he never spoke against water ways. He would rather gladly give ancestral lands of southerners to the fulanis to facilitate his inordinate Presidential ambition.

    Fulani has never hidden his disdain for Sunday Igboho. All Tinubu’s actions and inactions are always pro north.

    Tinubu is ready to do anything and everything even sacrifice his own people to the fulanis for a shot at the Presidency.

    What a sellout. What a lowlife. What a fulani slave.

    Tinubu and his 2 bullion vans. What a political baggage. What a man. What a liability.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

    • Beware of Bola Tinubu and the Bastard Yoruba people of South West who love to see the perpetuity of enslavement of the Yorubas. These bastards are pure manipulators and nothing more.

    • So we must then blame Tinubu for what is northern supporters did. An act of Mercy, giving, sharing, though to boost up his images- God may not even reward him (Tinubu) , but whenever the poor feed on the rice heaven will smoke on those people who contributed it.

      A pan Nigeria president must love ALL, I don’t see that as a minus , FULANI are creation of God, ALL lives matter.

      Yoruba me no lecture on who to carry it’s flag, Okorocha came to Ibadan to donate school, is he haters of Igbo?

      Why can’t each tribe play politics and let see who can win it ?

      Repeating 2015, 2019 mistakes a third time is foolishness

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