N60b matter: Obaseki tells Zainab Ahmed end monetary rascality

Obaseki and Zainab Ahmed: the N60b matter continues
Obaseki and Zainab Ahmed: the N60b matter continues
Obaseki and Zainab Ahmed: the N60b matter continues
Obaseki and Zainab Ahmed: the N60b matter continues

By Abankula

Governor Godwin Obaseki, fresh from the hassles of hosting the 20th National Sports Festival has replied Finance Minister, Zainab Ahmed over the printing of N60 billion to shore up the revenue shared by FAAC in March.

Zainab had refuted the claim, describing Obaseki’s claim as untrue and saddening.

“The issue that was raised by the Edo State Governor for me is very, very sad,” Zainab told State House correspondents on Wednesday.

“Because it is not a fact.”

“What we distribute at FAAC is a revenue that is generated and in fact distribution revenue is a public information.

“We publish revenue generated by FIRS, the customs and the NNPC and we distribute at FAAC.

“So, it is not true to say we printed money to distribute at FAAC, it is not true,” she said emphatically.

Mr Obaseki has now replied her, not frontally, but sticking to his point that Nigeria is enmeshed in a financial quagmire.

“While we do not want to join issues with the Federal Ministry of Finance, we believe it is our duty to offer useful advice for the benefit of our country”, Obaseki wrote Thursday on Twitter and his website godwinobaseki.com.

“The Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs. Zainab Ahmed should rally Nigerians to stem the obvious fiscal slide facing our country.

“Rather than play the Ostrich, we urge the government to take urgent steps to end the current monetary rascality, so as to prevent the prevailing economic challenge from degenerating further.

“We believe it is imperative to approach the Nigerian project with all sense of responsibility and commitment and not play to the gallery because ultimately, time shall be the judge of us all”.


  1. Adeola, read the profile of Obaseki before becoming governor. Knowledgeable is by acquisition or by experience. It has been observed that you use this medium to abuse dignitaries. Go through his first statement and see the it touches many vital areas that the minister didn’t address. If the CBN and FMOF said no where do you want to get more facts. Are we all not seeing the debt profile?

  2. Obaseki is just an idiot who read classical art, he should leave economic matters to those that have the knowledge. Disgusting!

  3. Hardly bureaucrats admit to advise , instead, will continue to refute the fact, for immediate gain, to the nation. This reckless policy without check and balance, is the simplest reason we are on a
    downwards spiral. That Nigeria is not able to prove and atmosphere of growth in the nation, is due to the chosen of those responsible for the management of the nation resources. Why are there no ambulances as budgeted for our highways, WHY can’t Nigeria have lights in their homes and offices. The machinery to move the nation forward is not available. Instead governor Obese with spending the resources to build church instead of hospital. Not a whisper or cry from the people. Security and corruption has been ignored and allow to thrive unabated. Pension and life time salary for mismanagement by governor WHO plundered the States resources into personal use. Added to the insult, is the twin mansion for these people. Which way Nigeria.

  4. Mr Governor you did not make a comment off give advice, what you did was to make statement that you can’t substantiate. The minister has thrown a challenge for you to deny that those agencies of federal government are not generating published revenue that you collect monthly?
    You have failed as a governor because you can increase your internal revenue as promised during your campaign. Please Obaseki look inward to generate money in order to pay teachers, civil servants and pensioners not hosting useless sports festival.

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