Boko Haram occupies Damasak, residents flee to Niger

Boko Haram insurgents enter Bauchi
Boko Haram insurgents enter Bauchi
Boko Haram occupies Damasak in Borno
Boko Haram occupies Damasak in Borno

By Abankula

Boko Haram gunmen are now occupying the Borno town of Damasak, two days after
they staged a second attack in five days.

In the first attack on 10 April, the insurgents killed two soldiers and two civilians, while also destroying the facilities of global aid agencies.

They merely retreated and returned on Tuesday to the border town, to inflict more havoc.

They stormed the town at about 5pm, shooting sporadically and also armed with anti-aircraft guns mounted on vehicles.

Three soldiers speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed the attack.

According to Reuters, the insurgents killed at least ten people and caused hundreds to flee to neighbouring Niger, just some five kilometres away.

“Boko Haram men are still at Damasak”, said local government official Bukar Mustapha.

“Ten residents were killed in attacks on Tuesday. Our people have fled to villages in Niger while some are trapped in the bush,” he said.

Resident Mustapha Gashigar said eight people had been buried but other bodies had not been recovered, and 17 were seriously injured.

He said hundreds of people had fled Damasak.

Boko Haram and and its offshoot, Islamic State West Africa Province, have not claimed responsibility for the latest attack.

However, ISWAP claimed responsibility for the 10 April strike.


  1. Of what use is Sambisa Forest to Nigeria? Is Borno State or Nigeria making any money from there? Are there mineral deposits in Sambisa Forest? Why will Boko Haram be using that forest as a hiding place? The Nigerian government has what it takes to change the story. Clear the whole forest, wipe it out from the world map and spend the commonwealth being stolen in converting the whole forest to an Olympic Town. After all, FESTAC Town wasn’t the way it was before it was converted into what we know now as FESTAC (Festival of Arts and Culture)

    • @ Koselupa. Nigeria under Buhari will not clear Sambisa because many elements of Boko Haran were imported into Nigeria from Niger republic, Chad, mali , sudan by Northern politicians to vote out Jonathan. They accomplished the mission but the promises made to them didn’t come and they up pick up arms. Remember when Jonathan and former COAS Rtd General Ihiejirika from Abia state were making real progress against Boko Haram, Buhari said that any attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North. When Jonathon wanted to negotiate with Boko Haram even though it was a boneheaded attempt, it was Buhari that Boko Haram nominated as its representative. Now my brother after six years in the office our so called retired General Buhari has no clue, please do the math tell me what is wrong with this picture.

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