Oyedepo’s 100,000-seater auditorium ‘The Ark’ to gulp N160bn

3D presentation of The Ark to be built with over N160 billion
3D presentation of The Ark to be built with over N160 billion by Bishop Oyedepo's Living Faith
3D presentation of The Ark to be built with over N160 billion by Bishop Oyedepo’s Living Faith

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Living Faith Church founded by Bishop David Oyedepo is to spend a whopping over N160 billion to build its 100,000-seater auditorium, known as ‘The Ark.’

The ground breaking ceremony for The Ark was carried out by Bishop Oyedepo in March 2021.

Top source in Living Faith confided in PM NEWS that over N160 billion has been earmarked for the gigantic project.

It was learnt that N45 billion has already been released for the project, which has already kicked off and to be completed in three years.

First announced in late 2015 as the “Faith Theatre”, the 100,000 seat stadium-like project has now been officially renamed as “The Ark”, unveiled at the church earlier last Month.

Sited on about a 1,000 hectares of land (the site of the old Faith Academy compound), within the vast premises of the current church building, the Ark will specifically accommodate 106,000 seats and will include a 24 Floor Mission Tower (International Headquarters Facility) made up of two twin towers of 12 floors each.

Upon completion, the existing 50,000 seater Faith Tabernacle will serve as an overflow facility.

The massive project is being handled by Laralek Ultimate Limited, whose Managing Director is Adebiyi Olalekan.

Oyedepo had recently said members of the church would not be tasked to contribute for the project.


  1. Great work..Hopefully this will continue to expand the work the ministry is doing in society.. People should remember that the church and state are two separate entities.. People should not collect rice to vote and then look to the church to provide them jobs.. If the church provides job, it is to support government efforts or lack of it and not that it is their responsibility

  2. Something is definitely wrong with our thinking. It seems we now think with our kidneys. N160b to build a church auditorium! How much do we need to build cottage industries that will employ over a 100,000? Is the current 50,000 capacity is becoming to small, why not allow cell groups in different locations to serve as a parish or is it the fear of collections not getting to the H/q?
    Yes, nobody will be asked to contribute towards it but offerings, seeds, tithes, etc will still be collected. Who doesn’t know the game. My honourable question here is this: is God complaining about the 50,000 seater auditorium?

    • Werey!
      Is Oyedepo your elected/selected government?
      You’d better cry to your Buhari/your governor.
      They are the ones that promised you water and light.

      Channel your frustration elsewhere

  3. If this Auditorium has no hospital, technical center, computer lab, enterprienual center, leadership training center, drug addiction treatment center, financial counseling center, anti prostitution center then it is a waste of money and time. This man will be required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 160 billion naira can industrialize a local Govt and create more than 1000,000 jobs. Please tell me why black people are so stupid. National stadium and theater have capacity of less than 40 ,000 people. Combined.

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