Lawan pledges support for surveying profession

President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan (left), and Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwolu (right) during the investiture ceremony of the Nigerian Institute of Surveyors which held on Wednesday in Abuja.
Senate President Ahmad Lawan
L – R: Chief Anthony Ikeh Ashiofu, Chairman, Board Of Fellows (NIS), President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan (middle), and President of the Nigerian Institute of Surveyors, Charles D. Charles, during an investiture ceremony held in Abuja to confer an Honourary Fellowship Award on the Senate President on Wednesday.

By Nimot Sulaimon

Senate President, Ahmad Lawan on Wednesday pledged his support for the surveying profession as he was conferred with the Honourary Fellowship Award of the Nigerian Institution of Surveyors.

PM NEWS notes that Lawan trained in Land Surveying at the Ahmadu Bello University and in Remote Sensing and GIS at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.

Speaking at the 2021 Fellow Investiture which held in Abuja, Lawan gave an assurance to do his best for the institution to reposition itself.

“Once you enter into the world of politics, it is all engaging. Maybe very all-consuming. You sometimes forget what other callings you have had. But this particular Award of Fellowship has brought me back to track.

“I feel that this is a very genuine Award because from today on, I will be thinking more and more like a Surveyor. And I want to assure you that I will represent this institution with the respect, dignity and all those traits that our Institution of Surveyors is known for.

“You have a worthy representative in the National Assembly. I may not be the only Surveyor in the National Assembly but I want to assure you that I will do my best for this institution to reposition itself.

“Surveyors play very important, critical and crucial roles in national development but in most cases, they are hardly given the prominence that they deserve. I think we have to change that narrative.

“So we should take advantage of having some of us in the Legislature. Where this institution feels it requires or it needs some legislations to enhance its performance, you have, no doubt, there is a destination.

“That destination will be those of us who are Surveyors and our very Distinguished colleagues who are our friends who will always be there to support this kind of very worthy course for national development,” he said.

Lawan seized the opportunity to assure the people that the government is working round the clock to address the current security challenges in the country.

“We experience a lot of insecurity but the Government is not resting. The government is not sleeping. The government is working hard and all agencies of government are working hard.

“Every country at one point of its evolution or development or another experiences some challenges. But the difference is countries that want to achieve greatness always try to conquer. We are going to surmount our challenges by the Grace of God,” Lawan said.

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