Why court must not determine winners of elections – Jonathan

Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan says court must not determine winners of elections
Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan says court must not determine winners of elections
Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan says court must not determine winners of elections

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan on Monday said the court should not be allowed to determine the winners of elections in Nigeria because it weakens democracy.

He said the nation’s electoral laws should be structured in such a way that only ballot papers determined winners of elections.

According to him, the standard practice is that the electoral management bodies exercise the sole responsibility of returning candidates and declaring winners while the judiciary complemented by either upholding declared results or nullifying flawed elections and ordering a rerun.

Jonathan spoke an interaction during a visit to TOSTV Network studios in Abuja.

He said: “I had already made a public statement on that to the effect that the ballot paper and not the judiciary should determine who wins elections or select political leaders. The ballot paper should be the only basis for selecting political leaders.”

Jonathan further noted that countries that conduct free and fair elections experience less election-related litigations while numerous court cases following elections are the hallmark of fragile democracies.

“I have said this before and I will always repeat it. I am not saying the judiciary is not doing well. But my point is that our laws should suppress the issue of the judiciary returning candidates.

“If a candidate is declared winner after a flawed electoral process, what the courts can do is to annul the election and order a fresh one, where a winner will finally emerge through the ballot. The ballot paper should decide who holds any elective office from the councillorship to the presidency. That is democracy,” he added.

The former President who also admitted that some funds might be needed in elections, especially in the area of logistics during campaigns, however frowned at the negative way money is deployed in inducing electorates, officials and security operatives.



  1. I know where President Jonathan is coming from.

    Obviously Jonathan is pained by the the level of injustices and biases exhibited by the supreme Court in the last 2 years.

    Buhari garnered 16 million votes whereas Atiku garnered 18 million votes, yet the Fulani herdsmen led supreme Court ratified Buhari as the lawful elected President.

    Hope Uzodinma came a distant 4th in the Imo state gubernatorial election, yet the Buhari’s fulani herdsmen led supreme Court declared Hope Uzodinma as the lawful elected governor of IMO state.

    There are so many instance of bias, prejudices and injustices by the Supreme Court across Nigeria.

    With the possibility and tendency of supreme court to be biased, i think Jonathan’s assertion and submission should not be flagrantly disregarded..

    What a huge mess, the supreme Court under Buhari has become.

    What an ethnic leaning President
    What an agent of disaffection.

    What situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

  2. ICHEOKU say fair winners of elections or the winners who rigged most in order to win. Until Nigerians begin to conduct credible elections where winners emerge because they are the truly the desired choice of voters, the court remains the last hope for those whose elections were stolen, albeit snatched by daring election riggers who took what did not belong to them. So the Otuoke man can go and park one side for all that ICHEOKU cares.

  3. So who do you want to determine winners of elections? PDP? You sound ridiculous. Have you heard about Bush vs Gore case in the US?

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