Fulanis have rights to graze anywhere in Nigeria: Fulani youths

FILE PHOTO: A herdsman in Nigeria
Herdsmen with their cattle

Youth groups under the aegis, Coalition of Fulani Youth Groups have urged governments at all levels to end extrajudicial killings.

The Convener of the coalition, Mr Aminu Saleh, made the call at a news briefing on Tuesday in Abuja.

Saleh, who read the communique issued at the end of a two-day meeting on issues affecting Fulani herdsmen in the country, described the extrajudicial killing as senseless and needless.

He said that the groups were worried at the spate of unprovoked attacks on Fulani herdsmen in different parts of the country.

The convener stated that Fulani people as Nigerians reserved the rights to travel, live and graze anywhere in the country.

“It is within their rights in the constitution, enough of these senseless attacks, Fulani people have no other means of livelihood other than herding,” he said.

Saleh urged security agencies to ensure robust collaborations with the communities in their mandate to enthrone law and order in the land.

He said that the coalition was a law-abiding organisation with youth groups that preached national peace and unity.

“We urge the authorities to release Fulani people being wrongfully detained, we are a law-abiding people, we will not support crime.

“Our people should be given a sense of belonging wherever they are found, especially in the formation of vigilante groups.


  1. These animals called Fulanis are not fit to live within or around us. You Fulani youths should go back to wherever you come from – jungle.

  2. Do the Fulanis know where their rights end and where other people’s rights begin? That I am a Nigerian mean I can trespass on others holding?

  3. Fake Fulani. Ok for the sake of argument, yes you have the right to practice your trade according to the laws and cultures of the host states and communities. How many hausas and Fulanis have rented flats in the host communities?. No they do not want to live with infidels but you love their vegetation and land and underage girls. These folks are the most hypocrites ever under the sun. Yes you have rights to relocate to Sambisa where you have the combined space of imo state. Please use it, construct irrigation, build schools, hospitals for your children and stop living like dirty pigs. Oh! You are waiting for Allah to do it for you., useless creatures.

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