Ben Bruce wants petrol-powered cars banned by 2035

Ben Bruce calls for a ban on petrol-powered cars by 2035

Ben Murray Bruce, Founder of Silverbird Group, has called on the Federal Government to ban all petrol-powered cars by 2035.

Bruce made the call on Saturday when he announced his order for 2 Lucid Electric cars via a Twitter post.

He is known to constantly oppose the continuous reliance on fossil fuel.

As a lawmaker, Bruce sponsored a bill for the ban of fossil powered vehicles.

The Common sense advocate affirmed that the Lucid Car is better than Tesla.

In his tweet, he wrote: “In practising what I preach, I recently put a deposit on this yet to be manufactured Lucid Electric Car. Delivery is early next year. It’s capable of more miles per charge than a Tesla. An amazing machine. Nigeria should ban all combustion Engine cars by 2035.”

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