Femi Adesina to Buhari critics: What have you achieved in life?

Femi Adesina and Buhari

Femi Adesina, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, said all sorts of commentators condemning Muhammadu Buhari have probably never been a class monitor, not to talk of school prefect.

He said the commentators can’t even run their “riotous homes, with obstreperous children and wards,” yet they come out to abuse President Muhammadu Buhari daily.

Adesina stated this in his weekly article titled “NIGERIA AND WAR OF TONGUES.”

He said so-called social activists and commentators, Newspaper columnists, Talk show hosts on TV, radio, influencers on social media, bloggers, politicians, and “very embarrassingly, clergymen” have unleashed a war of words on Nigeria by attacking anyone in Buhari’s government.

According to him, all the positives done by the government are being ignored because there is an intentional rabid focus on negatives by people bent on engaging in a war of words.

Read the statement released by Femi Adesina below:

Our country is at war today on many fronts. Nigeria battles insurgency, terrorism, banditry, kidnappings, armed robbery, cult killings, ritual murders, and war of tongues.

War of tongues. Is that a new one? No, it’s as old as man, but it is perhaps the deadliest of all the wars.

It is fiercer than insurgency, terrorism, banditry, kidnappings, armed robbery, cult killings, ritual murders, all put together.

A war of tongues has been unleashed on Nigeria, her leadership, anyone in government, in fact, anybody serving the country in one capacity or the other. Want to become an enemy of the public? Then just take a position in government, major or minor.

Irrespective of where you were coming from, your stature and station in life, you become an enemy. You may have served creditably in the military, rising to become a General, been a military head of state, headed the Petroleum Trust Fund exceptionally, and now a two-term civilian President, a war of tongues that is so virulent and mind-boggling, is unleashed against you.

A vicious war of tongues is raging in the country, and from President Muhammadu Buhari, down to the least political appointee in government, no one is spared. And who are the warriors? So-called social activists and commentators. Newspaper columnists. Talk show hosts on TV, radio, influencers on social media, bloggers, anyone who can afford an Internet-enabled smartphone, politicians, and very embarrassingly, clergymen. The ones who should teach us to bridle our tongues. They say things that make the flesh tingle, with a chill running down the spine. No grace, no decorum, using words that are not seasoned with salt. Do they read another Holy Bible? Another Holy Quran? Holy Moses!

President Buhari left these shores on March 30 for “routine” medical checkups. Mark the word: routine. Did you hear all the ululation that attended the announcement and the trip? War of tongues: oh, he’s sick again (as if there’s anyone who’s 100% healthy. If there is, let’s see the person). Resident doctors are going on strike, the President is traveling! Couldn’t he have built world-class hospitals in Nigeria within the six years he has been in government? He’s going on medical tourism again! How much is the trip costing us o? Are we sure he will come back anytime soon?

To take it to very ridiculous level, some Nigerians in London organized a ‘one million man march’ (attended by a huge crowd of five people), went to the Nigeria House where they said the President was staying and attempted to “force him back home.” People in the gall of bitterness, overtaken by paroxysms of hatred.

The executive, legislature, judiciary, military, police, indeed, all national institutions are the butt of the war of tongues. You find all sorts of commentators in the media condemning everything and everybody, but themselves. In their lives, they have probably never been a class monitor, not to talk of school prefect. They can’t even run their riotous homes, with obstreperous children and wards, yet they come out to abuse the President daily. A man who has ruled as military officer, was brought back 30 years later because of his sterling records, and running a second term in office as democratically elected leader, yet they call him all sorts of names on TV, radio, social media, simply because there’s freedom of speech. But ask them what they have achieved in life, compared to that of the President, and they are blank.

There is a rabid focus on negatives in Nigeria today. Agriculture revolution. Infrastructure renaissance. Prudence and probity in government. Doing a lot more with a lot less revenue. IMF revises growth projection for the country upwards. Nobody talks about that. It doesn’t interest them. They only focus on job losses. Poverty rate. Killings, maiming, unhappiness. Yes, those are germane, but too much sunshine makes a desert. That is not all there is to Nigeria. “Life is like being out on the sea,” said the philosopher, Marcus Aurelius. “A body has to take the rough and the smooth.”

No government would love to see its citizens killed. Maimed. Displaced. Unhappy. And if anything, the Buhari administration is doing so much in battling the insecurity in the land. But sadly, it faces another deadlier war-the war of tongues. Why don’t we pause and think that it is the only country we have, and begin to speak better, more positive things?

I am surprised at some of our clerics, particularly the Christian ones since it is the religion I am more familiar with. They speak as if they read another Bible. They preach hate from the pulpits, propagate falsehood, generate animosity against government. And when these things are fully grown, the animus boils over, leads to violence and upheavals, lives are lost. Don’t these preachers of hate know that they are liable, and won’t be found guiltless? May God save us from war of tongues, even from those who should be showing us examples.

As you speak into the ears of God, so shall He do to you. (Numbers 14:28). When we speak evil about our country, and its leaders, it comes back to us. What we say is what we get. It is an inexorable spiritual law. Sow wind, reap the whirlwind.

In Nigeria of today, if there are no issues to bellyache over, some people will create one. There must be no quiet time. The war of tongues must continue. Pity.

However, what we don’t know is that war of tongues is a two-edged sword, which cuts both ways. It wreaks havoc on the person wielding the sword, and on whom the blow is directed. “And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. So is the tongue among our members, that it defiles the whole body and sets on fire the whole course of nature, and it is set on fire of hell.”

War of tongues causes acrimony, discord, disharmony. But let not the person who causes that war thinks he will get away with it ultimately. His tongue eventually gets set on fire of hell. (James 3:6)
Nigerians, let’s watch it.


  1. I have never understood this Adesina of a man who is without an iota of conscience. With all the atrocities APC Government is committing, he wants us to praise Babu for doing what we elected him to do. A beg, no be your fault. No be by scam your government got there. How many times has the man spoken with us? Na so so health trip. If not for COVID he would have been out again before he made this trip. Look Mr boy boy, if you guys do the right thing and shun this Fulanistic Nepotism and being insensitive, you will not be saddled with a barrage of criticism. You can see that you and the government you serve as a boy boy can not tolerate criticism and opposition. Then prevail on your superiors to do the right thing or resign. I doubt if you are a full blooded Yoruba man.

  2. Hello Nigerians, is not Femi Adesina’s fault. Whatever he says he is right.

    It is our fault for not asking questions in 2015.Questions like

    I will make one dollar to one Naira, we failed to ask how?

    Every Nigerian Graduate will be paid N5000, did we ask how from which account and who are those to benefit?

    We fail to ask the right questions at the time which they themselves believe we should have asked. But for not asking, we are fools.

    When this man came to power in 2015, seeing all the damages he did with the first one year was another chance given to us to ask questions but we failed again.

    08/04/2020 marks it one year, Ministry of finance was burnt down because Nigerians ask FG to explain how 3 trillion was shared to Nigerians

    08/04/2021 Bandit took 27 million dollars from Nigerian Army, yet no media house is talking about it.

    With all this, why will Adesina not call us names?

  3. Once again Femi Adesina takes them all to the cleaners. The wailing wailers, the “burn it down” cohort, the ‘holier than thou’ set, the disgruntled ones who are mainly projecting the failures in their lives onto Buhari, all of you eat your heart out. Indeed, there are problems in the country, but while some are trying their best to overcome these, while some are desperately proffering solutions to our problems, some are fanning the embers of hatred, encouraging onfusion and division. Nigeria will prevail. More railways will be commissioned to better the lives of the people. More roads will be built. Agriculture will pull our people out of poverty. Power supply will improve. Young people will be gainfully employed. All these are the foundational structures that Buhari, that man you all hate so much is laying down. If you don’t see it, I can’t help you.

  4. Femi the fool. Read this and tell Nigerians if this can happen in Nigeria:
    Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg has been fined by the police for breaking COVID-19 social distancing rules.
    If you are with your senses you will be able to understand how country should be run. Not every body like you are living. You are the dead among the loving. Your achievements are wickedness, deceitfulness and blindness.

  5. Femi Adesina, is not just praising his paymaster who made him to have the opportunity to steak little from the treasury he is also a stupid man whose thinking had gone backward. A beast!

  6. It is an act of stupidity for you to ask what had Buhari critics achieved, tell us since Buhari came to power what has he done well, he came to beg us for votes with party manifesto and promise that he will curb crime, dollar to Naira at equal rate of 1 – dollar to 1 – Naira and Restructure the country.

    Since he came in 2015 Crime had trippled, dollar to Naira now is #500.00 everything had gone upside down and Restructuring he said he will never do, Thousands had died thru Terrorism, Banditry and Kidnapping. You (Adesina) being an imbecile had the got to ask Buhari critics what had they achieved. We are praying that the blood of every Nigerian that died during Buhari regime thru banditry, terrorism, kidnapping etc will be on all of you and your family for deceiving us to take our votes during the last two elections (2015 & 2019) and not being able to fulfill any of your promises, God will punish you all for your deception to take our votes.

    It is better not to achieve anything by Buhari critics than for them to compound people or their neighbours woes in tripple fold like your pay master Buhari came in since 2015 to tripple people woes.

  7. When uninformed and uncivilized people like Femi Adesina come close to the corridor of power this is all you hear. Nigeria is the people’s project. You don’t have to be somebody to complian about how it is run. And people who are somebody by Adesina’s classification have also complained. If doing the job that you are doing is giving you high blood pressure, resign. This country is not Buhari’s personal estate to run as he wants.

  8. This garrulous Femi Adesina is rude and arrogant. Whatever the cretin Adesina achieved today is stolen from Nigeria people. 2023 is fast approaching when the clueless Buhari will be out.

  9. Femi, the major problem facing Buhari government has been your department.
    Your department has not even done anything to engage the people you are ruling . The government policies are not sold to peoplem we have a government that does good thing he believes and he does not go arround to sell the policy.
    It is the best way to creat doubt and none recognition.
    You rely critics with facts.
    We know not all of us are to be president and that’s why we voted for the president.
    I must tell you Femi as a person. You have not done your job well.
    I do not remember how many statws Buhari has travelled to discuss his policies since he came to power.
    Learn from advanced world.
    Biden will bring out policy and travel round the country to discuss it and answr questions from the masses and press.
    What you advice president has been to sit down and you talk and yet you do not even move out of Also rock to be with people your doing all manner of good to.
    You should know that the language of a common man is by writing good English because you can.
    Today, change your tactics of governance.
    Policies are like campaign. You must convince us about what you are doing no matter how good you think it is.
    This where ministry of information and your office has failed. I mean F9!
    Stop blaming those you have not enlightened about Buhari achievement for not knowing.
    I personally know that Buhari has done a lot and does not get enough credit . But that’s because I research that on my own and not from you or Lai Mohammad.
    It I purely my own search which I do not have to do.
    Take responsibility for those who do not know what you are doing, Mr Femi.

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