Why I am much disturbed in London – Buhari

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Buhari disturbed over rift in the royal family of Jordan King Abdullah ll Bin Al-Hussein.
Buhari disturbed over rift in the royal family of Jordan King Abdullah ll Bin Al-Hussein.

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari has given reason why he is very much disturbed in London, United Kingdom.

The president said he was disturbed over recent rift in the royal family of King Abdullah ll Bin Al-Hussein, King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Buhari, in a letter to King Abdullah ll Bin Al-Hussein, said he was glad that the rift has been resolved.

In the letter personally signed by him, Buhari said he felt much disturbed when he heard reports of the problem but felt reassured when he learnt that everything had been resolved amicably.

The letter reads in part: “While here in London taking a short rest, I was profoundly disturbed to read from international news agencies of attempts to destabilise the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

“Your exemplary leadership since ascending the throne has attracted worldwide admiration. Relations between Nigeria and Jordan have been excellent and I thank you for the part you have played in this relationship.

‘‘Your Majesty, I am much heartened that matters have now been resolved and I pray that the Hashemite Kingdom continues to not only remain peaceful, but also a major beacon of hope for the region under Your Majesty’s wise guidance.”

Buhari extended to the King the assurances of his highest personal regards.


  1. That’s a sign of illiteracy and irresponsibility. 99% of politicians in Nigeria are irresponsible and very crude including the President. He is in the country that their politicians are rendering selfless services to the people/ humanity. What’s going on in Nigeria is competition of looting the treasury. People are dying due to bad government. The rulers are ruling by propaganda no tangible achievements. Mr. President Buhari think about your country leave other countries alone because they are far better than where you’re ruling.

  2. The headline was inaccurate and dangerous. It shows the biasness of the writer. I can now understand why our Nigeria journalists are far behind the western journalists and not respected in their own region. Imagine the headlines and the body of the message.

  3. Not worried about what is happening in IMO, Delta, Benue and other parts of the country? We are in trouble. God help my beloved country Nigeria.

  4. What a shame from Nigeria president, Buhari. So Buhari was worried because of the problem in Jordan. Not worried of the problems in his country. His party APC, himself and politicians caused all the problems Nigerians are going through today and none of them are worried. What a wicked set of people.

    • Idiot, did he say so? Why are you guys so stupid and unreasonable. A president wrote to another country’s leader expressing his mind on what happened in that country and you are here spewing out Igbo trash as usual

  5. we have a tribesmen cum terrorist as President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is not bothered if Nigeria burns..

  6. Illiteracy is a disease. Trying to spit the demonstrators at your door is foolhardy. The king of Jordan does not give a huff about you and your country. In Jordan, there is civilized islam unlike what is in your head. Go back home and fix/ free your country from Fulani herdsmen, banditry, ethnic cleansing, armed robbery, kidnapping nepotism, corruption and bigotry.

    • You are the spokesman for the Jordanian government, tell us more about what the country feels about Nigeria and Buhari. Animal!

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