Okorocha blasts Uzodinma: ‘You’re a liar’

Okorocha says and Uzodinma is a liar
Okorocha says and Uzodinma is a liar
Okorocha says and Uzodinma is a liar

Former Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha has attacked his successor, Hope Uzodinma, branding him a liar for saying that aggrieved politicians were responsible for the attack on security facilities in Imo.

Uzodinma had on Wednesday said he had facts that aggrieved politicians were responsible for attack of security facilities in Imo, who led to the escape of over 1,800 inmates and burning of police station.

But Okorocha on Thursday, in a statement issued by his media office in Owerri, rubbished Uzodinma’s claim.

The former Governor, according to the statement spoke in Jos, Plateau State, when he payed a condolence visit to the family of late Mrs. Felicia Biskanga.

He decried the security situation in Imo State, the security situation in Nigeria as a whole, and the security situation in the society, saying it was not palatable, adding that the nation was passing through a very difficult moment in her history.

According to him, the recent attack on the Police headquarters and the Correctional centre in Imo State, the unending herdsmen crises, the banditry, the unending Boko Haram, kidnapping, among others were all products of poverty and injustice.

He said time had come for political leaders to tell themselves the truth and address this ugly situation and help men and women of the Armed Forces and the Police who were currently fighting the symptoms and not the disease of poverty and injustice.

Okorocha said while he called for peace and understanding, leaders had a duty to correct these ugly issues of injustices and poverty which is ravaging the country.

He said during my time as a governor, Imo State was very peaceful and that this security issues, agitations were on.

He said even IPOBseemed to have been very strong during his own time, and that they were ready to engage government but “we applied wisdom in the sense that we talked with the traditional rulers, the youth leaders and made them to see reasons.

“That is the way to go, engaging them with issues but this idea of bringing in Airforce, army as a first measure, whoever is saying politicians are involved is trying to politicize the whole thing.

‘I don’t think that any sane politician will go and ask youths to shoot at the Police headquarters and all that,” Okorocha said.

He added that his message to Uzodinma was that he should face the challenge of leadership and consultation as this time was very important because “if the governor consulted me and said how did you handle IPOB during your time that there was peace in Imo State, how did you handle the issue of kidnapping, how did you handle the issue of agitators? I would have told him.

“During my time, we collected more than a 100 AK-47 rifles from the youths who came for exchange willingly just by talking to them. We must always understand that these children are our children.”

“We are overloading the military and the police in trying to help the situation when we have not tackled the issues of injustices in this country and the issues of poverty. As long as these continue in the form and shape it is going on, and as long as young men wake up in the morning and there is no job and poverty ravaging the system, there is little or nothing the armed forces can do because it is a growing thing,” he stated.


  1. hope uzodma first said its ipob, after it is opposition ,everyone knows its ipob, esn terrorist ,from the resident account it ipob nnamdi kanu

  2. Why are these evil men called Politicians in South East and South South dragging our non violent agitators (IPOB) into their mess? AMAECHI has his loyalists in Rivers statte. NWIKE branded them IPOB members or NDIGBO. To push Amaechi off he called in the fulani soldiers who ultimately unleashed mayhem on NDIGBO in OBIGBO Rivers state. Same is playing out in Imo state. Taking a clue from NWIKE Uzodinma picked on IPOB members and called bombers from the North to kill his own people. Regaining his senses Uzodinma is now telling the world that IPOB members are innocent of the on going attacks in Imo state Do we need a sooth sayer to tell us that it is all coming from Okorocha? Former IGP remains an accomplice. He must have been incorporated into this drama. After the incident he rushed down to Owerri telling the world that IPOB and ESN did it without carrying out formal investigation and foolishly giving out an order to his men to crush IPOB which to NDIGBO means crush NDIGBO. Ask me i will tell you that Okorocha is the mastermind. Have we forgotten that Hope Uzodinma used this same police against Okorocha? Please leave IPOB and ESN out of this mess. Obviously Okorocha and Uzodinma have imported BANDITRY from North to South East.

  3. Even a blond man knows this political kidnapping.
    This is not banditry at all. And offcourse , those who has skeleton in Thier cupboard should be worried

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