Why I stopped imitating Guardiola – Marcelo Bielsa

Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa

Leeds United manager, Marcelo Bielsa, has revealed that he has given up his efforts to imitate some of Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola’s tricks because the Spaniard is a magical man.

Bielsa, who has never hidden his admiration for Guardiola’s coaching abilities, said this ahead of Manchester City’s Champions League quarter-final first-leg tie with Dortmund on Tuesday night.

“He is a magical man,” Biesla told DAZN.

“The things he (Pep Guardiola]) knows how to do are extremely difficult for me to try, and I have already given up, but I have genuine admiration for what he does.

“Interpreting the novel decisions that he incorporates into a game is already a way of falling in love with football.

“Manchester City is always indecipherable.”

Guardiola is widely considered one of the best football managers in the world.

The 50-year-old has coached Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the past few years and won several trophies during his time at both clubs.

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