‘Tinubu’s presidential ambition can’t deter agitation for Oduduwa Republic’

Fani-Kayode says Tinubu's presidential ambition cannot stop agitation for Oduduwa Republic
Fani-Kayode says Tinubu's presidential ambition cannot stop agitation for Oduduwa Republic
Fani-Kayode says Tinubu’s presidential ambition cannot stop agitation for Oduduwa Republic

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Critic, Femi Fani-Kayode has taken a swipe at the National leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, saying his 2023 presidential ambition cannot deter agitation for Oduduwa Republic.

Tinubu’s popularity is soaring as he gears up for his 2023 ambition with former Afenifere leader, Pa Reuben Fasoranti endorsing his ambition.

Fani-Kayode, who is supporting Governor Yahaya Bello‘s ambition to become president in 2023, said Tinubu’s ambition would further strengthen the resolve of the separatists.

He said this was because Tinubu is hated more by the Yoruba nationalists.

In his words: “The agitation for Oduduwa Republic cannot be deterred or dissuaded by a Tinubu Presidency.

“As a matter of fact a Tinubu Presidency will only further strengthen the resolve of the separatists.

“This is because no-one is more hated by the Yoruba nationalists than Bola Ahmed Tinubu.”

But Fani-Kayode has been attacked on social media for his comment on Tinubu.

A twitter user by the name, Digital Slim Chik, said “I disagree with you totally. Most Southern Westerners love Tinubu.”

Another user, Bad Muffin said “Genuinely interested in how you come about with that figure…”

One Abiola attacked Fani-Kayode, saying “Which one you Dey self? Bridge Builder today, yòrùba nation tomorrow. Flip Flop Kayode.”

A twitter user, khamisAA(Gunners4life), asked Fani-Kayode: “How do you come with this figure sir? Or you just assume people in the SW hate BAT. No dey talk wetin you no sabi abeg.”

According to Barikazeez, “You’re definitely speaking the mind of the cancerous disease that Nigeria is suffering from since 1999 “PDP”. PDP is cancerous and has eaten Nigeria deep. Jagaban is the architect of their destruction and that’s why they hated him most. You will not survive it.”

Abdullahi Umar Musa told Fani-Kayode: “mind your business, if you have it. Jagaban pass your level.”


  1. Tinubu would rather be President of Nigeria to rob it blind with truck loads of bullion vans for his personal aggrandizement than fight for restructuring that will benefit everybody. Ole.

  2. So, of all Yorubas, Femi who is stateless person is talking, a political jobber, like father like son, inconsistent humans. Wife beaters and anything goes is carrying the mandarin as Yoruba. He has to go back to Ife to advice them and not even anybody outside his area and not majority of Ife how much of Yorubas.
    Tinubu is the leader of the Yoruba and Nigeria. THe dissidents are PDP rejects of which Kayode is .
    A person who could not give his mum a befitting burial calling himself a leader.
    Who told him Yorubas are Oduduwas? What a bunch of social media creation. We are Yorubas and nothing more.
    THey are just bunch of non consequential.

  3. On the so-called Tinubu’s presidential ambition, I doubt if he had read Shehu Sani’s recent explosive interview with the press. It’s an eye-opening revelation as far as the north is concerned about Tinubu’s ambition.
    So far as I am concerned, Sani is one of the most reliable politicians in Nigeria today. He has taken after the likes of Ibrahim Waziri (politics without bitterness), Aminu Kano and the first governor of Kaduna state. Any time Sani talks, there’s hardly any need to doubt him.
    On Tinubu’s reluctance to commiserate with Odumakin’s family, my conclusion is that he should have made a visit there since they had much in common before they went their different ways. Earlier on, I myself have blamed Tinubu for neither visiting the bereaved family nor sending any condolences to them. However, when I discussed the issue with a friend who is a Tinubu admirer, he sent me a copy of a press interview held by Opadokun in which the genesis of the relationship breakdown between the two former comrades was extensively discussed and there ended my grouse with Tinubu on the issue. Had I been privy to the issue before Odumakin’s demise, I would have advised him to apologize to the Jagaban. But, it’s too late to do that now… Such is life.

  4. How come the Afenifere leader is endorsing TINUBU now that Oduduwa people are mourning their own ODUMAKIN? Who killed ODUMAKIN? TINUBU again? Hmmmm. I remember Engnr Funso Williams today. I smell a rat. TINUBU is not mourning YINKA ODUMAKIN because ODUMAKIN never liked him.. He never believed in TINUBU”S 2023 presidential ambition.

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