2 interviews with Gee Bryant that changed my life

Gee Bryant
Gee Bryant
Gee Bryant
Gee Bryant

It’s not often that you get to interview an industry expert and get their views on various subjects. However, by some stroke of luck, I have managed to interview Gee Bryant twice. In these two times, I picked up lessons from this multi-dimensional personality who is thriving as a fitness expert, celebrity trainer, success coach, motivator, creator of the best-selling fitness program and an online brand builder that has stayed with me and changed my life.

Gee Bryant has sound experience in the digital space and the fitness industry. Building an online business that caters to clients’ fitness needs has exposed him to many aspects of the digital space as well. It has also put him right in the middle of the ongoing digital shift.
The first time I had sat down with Gee, I didn’t ask all the right questions, but he gracefully left me with life lessons that have stuck with me. One of the things that Gee mentioned was that the digital space is going to revolutionize marketing, especially content marketing.

At the time, the shift was just that, a probable shift but looking back at it now; he was right on the money. He inspired me to decide on creating targeted content and marketing content online early enough.

Thanks to Gee’s wise words, I began my digital shift before the scramble and established my place before the real competition began. Today, I take pride in being a seasoned content marketer who doesn’t have to fight for my space like many other brands.
My next encounter with Gee found me better prepared. Again, his views on the growth of technology and the digital media space ring true. This time around, we delved into whether achieving self-care and well-being is easier once you’ve taken up a fitness program.

His very blunt answer was NO; it’s more than just following a fitness program. When you’re into a self-care regime, you have a lot more than just getting physically fit. He added that a fitness journey often follows the vision of being mentally and physically happy. Once you’ve grown that mindset and now have an aim, you need to consider everything involved in building a sound and healthy body.

Don’t get caught in what you see online these days in regards to fitness or any other space. Social media makes it look easy. You must work you don’t feel like working, you must be strict with your routines, and you must be disciplined, he said. Even the most minor goals carry some discipline with them, and I have learned to reconcile my goals with what they’ll cost.

His insights during my two encounters have helped me streamline my mindset, wellbeing and brand, and I can’t wait for what I’ll learn from a third interview. I hope to keep learning from industry experts like Gee Bryant to keep winning.

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