Video: Buhari lands in London, no official UK reception

Buhari lands in London
Buhari lands in London on Tuesday night
Buhari lands in London
Buhari lands in London on Tuesday night

President Muhammadu Buhari has now arrived safe in London, according to a video posted by New media aide, Bashir Ahmad.

Since the 2-week visit is private, there was noticeably no official UK reception for the Nigerian leader.

There was no red carpet as he stepped out of the Air Force plane into a waiting car.

Buhari is in the UK as a medical tourist.

His PR handlers said he is in the country for a routine medical check-up and will be there till second week of April.

While away, doctors in Nigeria said they would embark on a strike from 1 April.


  1. You are just a stinking and dirty journalism. Is he supposed to be given official welcome when on a private visit. Some of you guys (writers) are just disgusting and plainly stupid

    • All these so-called Journalists are a bunch of embarrassing lots. Majority of them should be driving buses & not practising journalism. They can’t even think or rationalize their understanding.

  2. It is like Buhari has emerged from his bunker. Having emerged from his hideout, Buhari has virtually walked over dead rotting Nigerians to go and look after himself in London.

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