How Francis Volpe went from a loan officer to becoming a self-made success

Francis Volpe
Francis Volpe
Francis Volpe
Francis Volpe

Life happens when we are busy making other plans. New York–based entrepreneur Francis Volpe knows it as well as anybody.

He was settling down to work as a loan officer when the opportunity to run his own business came his way. Francis let comfort fly out of the window and jumped at the new ground waiting to be explored. Looking back, he couldn’t be happier about it.

Today, he’s a successful entrepreneur whose decisions are valued by his clients and team.
Until 2018, Francis was yet to realize the explosive potential of social media to turn around his fate.

From being another user to becoming an expert required Francis to challenge his comfort zone and let his dreams drive him around. When he decided to become the co-founder of the Forbes-accredited marketing agency Y Not You Media he knew he had to give it all he had.

He says, “Failure was not an option. That doesn’t mean I didn’t fail, it’s that I didn’t let failure in business make me feel like a failure as a person. I saw failures as lights at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it was the light of the approaching train, other times of clarity and insight. Either way, I persevered.”

Y Not You Media has catapulted Francis into one of New York’s most reliable strategists. For Francis, that means “always being on top of my game, improving my research skills and staying one step ahead of the competition and even my clients.”

As a media strategy company, Y Not You Media’s work is cut out. However, it’s Francis’s ability to make persuasion effective, develop mutually beneficial relationships with his clients, and hit the nail on the head when it comes to strategy development that has earned him and his company multi-fold success in just two years.

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