Tinubu commissions Kano anti-corruption restructured office

Tinubu Commissions Kano Anti-Corruption Restructured Office

Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu commissioned the restructured office of the Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission today.

Speaking at the event, Tinubu said: “My dear Nigerians and the lots of us, who are looking forward to a prosperous corruption-free and accountability in Nigeria and Africa, today is dedicated to that objective.”

Tinubu maintained that in ensuring Nigeria becomes a member of a committed international community and greatly well deserving nation, “.that frees us from the burden of corruption, this and similar edifices could play an important role in that. This is a welcome development indeed. And we salute the governor for this encouraging effort.”

He added that “From the side of our country we will not envisage corruption in any form of transaction, that could start from our own end. We, therefore, cannot condone that in our country.

“To the Glory of the God Almighty, for the commitment to humanity and the sake of our country, I am commissioning this edifice of Anti-Corruption in the state.”

As Tinubu and the Governor were going round the newly looking restructured Anti-Corruption body, Governor Ganduje said:

“When we came in, this institution achieved little. We then appointed a very vibrant human rights activist, whose pedigree for human rights and freedom was enough reason for his achievements, to Chair the Agency.”

Ganduje was referring to Barrister Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado, the Executive Chairman of the Commission.

Ganduje further explained that “When he was appointed as the Chairman, we made it very clear that, there would be no interference in the activities of the Agency. And up till now, we have not interfered in any of their activities.”

He noted that his administration would continue to support the anti-graft body for effective and efficient operations, adding that, “The leadership of the body is doing well and is capable of moving the Commission forward.”

The governor commended the Chairman of the Commission, Barrister Rimingado, assuring that, he would always stand for the victory of the Commission at all times.

Ganduje emphasised that ” with courtesy good leadership style, the Commission achieved many things within these periods. And will continue to achieve more.”


  1. Tinubu and Gandojie opening ant corruption office in Kano. The question is ‘for who? Nigeria is a funny country. Others are corrupt but those talking are saints. Have we forgotten bullion van and dollars in agbada. Nigeria we hail there.

  2. You will go the way of ABIOLA if you don’t call yourself to order. You are romancing with people who take delight in taking people’s lives.

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