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Big-T Autos
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Big-T Autos
Big-T Autos

Big-T Autos, an automobile retail company, founded by its current CEO, Mr Abel Edeh. The company has its head office and garage space located in Lekki Phase II, Lagos, Nigeria.

The company which was founded in 2017, focuses mostly on reselling fairly used automobiles imported from the United States. All of which goes through an in-house system of checks and repair before being listed on the company’s website or social media handles for prospective customers.

Despite major recess in global economies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many companies struggling to stay afloat, Mr Abel said his company Big-T Autos has been able to stay strong as a result of key factors they’ve implemented since the inception of the company.

“We’ve always wanted to create something that wasn’t conventional, and when I had the opportunity to start this company, it was important that we had a flexible nature that’ll allow us to operate regardless of the economic climate”.

He said the effect of the pandemic has certainly affected aspects of the company, but it hasn’t stopped them from [Big-T Autos] from reaching quarterly goals in sales and growth.

“The pandemic surely tightened things a bit, especially for a new business it’s possible a few people doubted if we would be able to survive let alone thrive, which was a huge task for me. I needed to make the team believe that it was a hundred per cent possible for us to make sales and grow.”

Attributing the privilege of having a team of A-players to the success of the company, [He] also admits there’s been a huge element of their success has been divine as he notes “There’s usually a formula to winning, working smart, a great team and sometimes talent but we’ve witnessed teams that had all of this and still didn’t survive for long, which is why I believe the grace of the divine is also a huge part to every success, including ours”.

Big-T Autos is set to expand its operations and market reach by utilizing the strength of social media technologies, an unpopular approach for companies in the sector.

“Our hopes are to penetrate the market with the current tools available at our disposal, then we can implement more strategies as time progresses”.

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