Colorado shooting: Biden urges US Senate pass gun laws

US President Joe Biden: backs waiver of intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines
US President Joe Biden: backs waiver of intellectual property rights for COVID-19 vaccines

US President Joe Biden speaks on Colorado shooting
US President Joe Biden speaks on Colorado shooting
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U.S. President Joe Biden urged the Senate to pass gun control laws already passed by the House, in reaction to the shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

He was speaking Tuesday, a day after a gunman Ahmad Al Issa killed which 10 people, including a police officer in Boulder, Colorado.

The killings occurred at a grocery store called King Sooper.

“Ten lives have been lost and more families have been shattered by gun violence,” he said.

“Another American city has been scarred by gun violence. … We have been through too many of these.”

“I don’t need to wait another minute to take common sense steps that will save lives in the future, and to urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to act,” the president added.

“We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again.

“The United States Senate should immediately pass two House bills that would close loopholes in the [firearm] background check system.

“This should not be a partisan issue. … It will save lives, and we have to act.”

Biden ordered all flags at the White House to be lowered to half-staff to honour the victims.

“I also direct that the flag shall be flown at half-staff for the same length of time at all United States embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities abroad, including all military facilities and naval vessels and stations,” Biden added in a proclamation.

“It’s absolutely baffling,” Vice President Kamala Harris told reporters at the White House Tuesday.

“It’s 10 people going about their day living their lives, not bothering anybody. A police officer who is performing his duties, and with great courage and heroism.”

Boulder is home to the University of Colorado, located about 30 miles northwest of downtown Denver. Monday, the school’s men’s basketball team played in the NCAA tournament in Indianapolis.

“We are shocked and saddened by the shooting that has rocked the Boulder community this afternoon, and our hearts go out to those impacted,” the university tweeted.

President Biden gave his reaction before he left the White House Tuesday afternoon for a trip to Ohio, to commemorate 10 years of Obamacare.


  1. A country where lives matter. Ten people killed in USA and flags to be flown at half-staff in all government offices and abroad. Here in Nigeria,70 people is a small number and our President will no comment not to talk given order for lowering flag. 39 students are still in the hands of kidnappers and the governor and our President are enjoying their lives. Third world indeed.

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