Yoruba Nation: Oba Gbadebo sends message to Sunday Igboho

Alake of Egbaland Oba Gbadebo
Alake of Egbaland Oba Gbadebo
Alake of Egbaland Oba Gbadebo
Alake of Egbaland Oba Gbadebo

By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

The Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo has called on Sunday Igboho to shelve plans of declaring an Independent Yoruba nation.

The first class Yoruba monarch said he opposes the declaration of Yoruba nation and South-West secession from Nigeria.

Oba Adedotun, a retired Brigadier-general, said Nigeria cannot afford to go through another civil war.

He stressed that no country in the world will be willing to have over 250 million Nigerians as refugees.

The monarch said Nigerians, irrespective of their tribe, political or religious afflictions, must work together for the greater good of the country.

The monarch said if Nigeria fails as a country, the entire black race has failed, insisting that Nigeria is better as a united nation than breaking it up.

“Nigerians, wherever we go in Nigeria, we must see ourselves as nationals of the same country, people of the same blood.

“We must work together to make Nigeria great because we must not fail, Nigeria must not fail, if Nigeria fails, the black race has failed and may it never happen”.


  1. The Fuji musicians are busy fighting each other over who is Olori ( head) ,Alfas are also busy insulting and exposing each other, their youths don’t want to see their political leaders as their leaders of today and now youths are seriously raining curses and insults on their own OBAS and KABIYES .I think their trademark is everybody want to be OLORI ,(head ) at the same time .

  2. Its better we break from Nigeria than living in fear and insecurity. All top positions in Nigeria belong to Hausa/Fulani and we are calling ourselves one Nigeria.

  3. Alake u have spoken well but that is d only way forward becos Northners have enslave us, Top post, Powerful post are headed by Hausa fulani tho i don’t reli blame dem buh put the blame on our so called Yoruba leaders someone like Obasanjo2who sold their right to Hausa Fulani cos of selfish interest.. I just pray God judge dem all.. Put all the innocent blood and primal cases on their necks.. Amen

  4. It is better to do die for a good idea than to continue to live with fear in bondage under those Northerners. The South that has 98% of the resources used for the economy of the whole country. Northerners are making us useless by the day and we should not think about ourselves but of our unborn generations to come. We should not say because we are in a position that is is not directly affected discourage those that are feeling the pains. Now is now and we either stand up for our rights now or we and our entire generations will be under Northern bondage for decades to come.

  5. Thank u so much sir kabiyesi. I agree with your advice.But sir, would you call in government to do the right things. Somebody should listen to the masses. Everyone is not safe in his territory. Kidnappers, bandits are everywhere in Nigeria, killings innocent citizens of Nigeria. No security. If government ignores the people, it could be worse. My advice is that government should change its system of governance and let peace reign. Thank u so much sir.

  6. Good talk Kenny Mose. Nobody should listen to the Obas. We are not running away to any country to seek refuge. And the North shouldn’t think of bringing any war to us because we will definitely give it back to them. I will advise the South West, South East and South South to apply QUIET DIPLOMACY. Push the animals from the North away quietly. Stop oil flow and block roads leading to Lagos seaports. We must get these animals from North out of our land. Let them go. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  7. Ok , well said sir. Should Yoruba’s continue to endure being kidnapped and subjugated just because we don’t want war. Enough is enough. We are already at war.

  8. Kabiyesi sir.

    But it took war/secession threat for our Kabiyesi to speak out loudly. May be our Obas should have been on the pages on Newspaper every week at least to register their displeasure with the Fulani and lobsidded appointments in this regime.

    Our Obas should have been very tough on the issue of insecurity to the extent that Buhari will feel the heat at the villa.

    I personally don’t think Igboho can unilaterally break Yoruba away from Nigeria, but it has to start somewhere.

    Power should be decentralised like Pastor Adeboye said last year, where every region has a Premier who brief the prime minister or president in Abuja about what goes on in their region. The premier should have resource control power. The good thing is that the people in each region can recall their premier if he/she is not representing their views well. Any region that later chooses to divorce Nigeria should be allowed to go without any intimidations.

    But Igboho has started this directly or indirectly.

    • Why should our obas threaten us with war when we are not slaves. Any time somebody talk of resource control or succession our political leaders and obas will be beating the drum of war to put fear in our mind. Yogoslavia break up into many countries without war. Soviet union break up into many countries without war. Our slave Master are warning us not to say anything about our freedom. The Era when one ethnic group will lord itself over other ethnic can not stand in the 21st century.

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