Prime Foods & Beverages launches OMNIA Vitamin Water

L-R: General Manager Alexis Odenigbo; Consultant Director Marketing &Sales Dipo Isaac;
Prime Foods and Beverages Nigeria Limited unveils OMNIA Vitamin Water

Michael Adeshina

Prime Foods and Beverages Nigeria Limited has launched a new life-changing product named OMNIA Vitamin Water.

The vitamin water was launched Thursday at a highly educative and entertaining event held with strict compliance with COVID-19 protocols at Ibis Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

Alexis Odenigbo: General Manager of Prime Foods and Beverages

At the launching, the General Manager of Prime Foods and Beverages, Mrs Alexis Odenigbo noted that OMNIA Vitamin Water was birthed out of the desire to help mankind in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

She noted that the new product embodies every mineral required for the human body to perform at an optimum level.

Alexis added OMNIA Vitamin Water comes in different flavours which include Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Strawberry and Black Currant.

“Omnia Vitamin is the first of its kind. Prime Foods and Beverages have been operating for 4 years but this new product comes from a desire to help mankind with the aim to safeguard health with respect to providing the necessary daily vitamins needed for daily activities and well being,” Alexis stated.

She added that the health benefit of the water cannot be overemphasized and urged everyone to normalise the intake of Omnia Vitamin water for healthy living.

Meanwhile, the Director of Sales, Dipo Isaac, described the OMNIA Vitamin Water concept as an idea whose time has come to manifest.

He noted that the product was created to meet the needs of Nigerians who are now more conscious about their intakes.

He revealed that Nigerians in recent times have witnessed a surge in cases of diabetes and sugar-related diseases which make it compulsory for everyone to embrace the value-adding drinks in place of carbonated drinks.

He said: “Right now, Omina Vitamin Water is the only value-adding water product in the market because we saw the challenge and the damages to people’s health from sugar-coated drinks and we decided to solve the health problems. So we have met the needs of Nigerians. This product is not just about producing but about adding values and ensuring the healthy living of Nigerians.

Benefits of Omnia Vitamin Water.

It comes with zero-calorie (No added sugar)

It is a combination of waters enriched in vitamins and minerals

It contains vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system against all form of diseases including COVID-19.

It also contains Vitamin B which prevents infection, increase energy level and promote cell effectiveness.

It’s not carbonated

It flushes toxins

It improves skin and prevents constipation

It comes in five different flavours which mean there is a unique taste for everyone in the market

It’s a refreshing drink that revitalises body, mind and ensures well being.

It helps with weight management and serves as a better and healthier alternative to carbonated drinks.

The health benefits were listed by Health Consultant, Dr Jumoke Akisanya

However, guests at the launching also heaped praises on the Omnia Vitamin Water.

One of the guests, Oloyede Farombi said: “This is a unique drink, a good substitute to carbonated drinks. I can’t wait to buy more of it for myself and the people around me. It brings a great advantage that must go around.”

“I’m honoured to be part of this launching of a value-added drink, we’ve had enough of sugar and it’s time to be more cautious about our lifestyle. From what I have heard and seen today, Omnia Vitamin Water is the new best product in Nigeria,” Bunmi stated.

Apesin Samuel said: “This is a great product, every product from Prime Foods are produced with integrity and I’m now sure this new product with help me shun carbonated drinks .”

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