Five Nigerian drug barons busted, jailed in Turkey

The Nigerians arrested and the drugs
The Nigerians arrested and the drugs

Five Nigerian drug barons have been arrested in Istanbul, Turkey with large quantity of drugs found in their possession.

The Istanbul police effected their arrest in Namik Kemal neighbourhood after being suspected that they were peddling hard drugs.

The Esenyurt District Police Directorate’s Office tracked the suspects and identified two addresses and they raided both addresses simultaneously.

There, they found drugs, hidden in different locations, including in shelves, under the bed, and in a closet.

The police reportedly found a suitcase filled with hard drugs weighing 16.5 kilograms hidden under a bed.

The five suspects arrested included four male and a female.

The suspects were charged to court and the male suspects were jailed while the female suspect was deported.



  1. Who are they? What are their names? They must be positive identified for their ethnic extraction, and be so labelled, rather than slapping a blanket cover on innocent Nigerians. The insatiable greed of a few miscreants should not be source of smearing evil profile on so many clean, law abiding citizens of Nigeria. We MUST find a way to charge the guilty and protect the innocent. Even if these guilty have to be identified by their family descent, their compound addresses and their parentage, it is necessary to start unbundling the secrecy behind these, which has always been the obscure cover that gives them.the strength to perpetrate their evil act. All criminals, henceforth, whether bandits, arm robbers, fraudsters, 419 criminals, must all be identified by their family backgrounds and embassly exposed, perchance, this may provide a new channel to control this scourge that is bedevilling us as a nation, and smearing the good identity of many innocent citizens. Let the families with born criminals nurture their children to become good citizens or risk soiling their families’ identities.

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