Atiku’s wife sends warning to owners of NGOs

Amina-Titi Atiku warns owners of NGOs against profit-making motives

Mrs Amina-Titi Atiku, the wife of former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has cautioned owners of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO’s) against profit-making motives in the course of doing their jobs.

She gave this advice on Saturday in Abuja during the inauguration of Princess Elizabeth Adewa Jegede Foundation (PEAJ), a foundation committed to child education and empowerment of women.

According to her, owning an NGO is a plan to serve humanity, adding that NGOs must work towards their original motives instead of looking for opportunities to enrich the operators.

She said that “The reward of rendering humanitarian services through NGOs only comes from God. So I want to encourage you and others in this industry not to put money and material acquisition first.”

She applauded Mrs Oluwakemi Jegede, the promoter of the foundation for remembering her mother, in whose memory the foundation was founded 16 years after her death.

Also, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, called on Nigerians to support the foundation and similar ones, adding that it was a good gesture and a commendable move by the initiator.

According to Adesina, the foundation will touch lives, situations and circumstances beyond the expectations of the initiator.

He also commended her for keeping the memory of her mother alive, saying that it is only a good daughter that could do such.

In an interview with news men, Jegede said that it had always been her dream to give back to society as much as she could, hence the idea for founding the foundation.

“While I was much younger, our house is always busy with visitors from different walks of life, both the elderly, the young ones of different tribes and religion, from health issues to financial assistance and counselling as she Isa devout Catholic.

“Therefore, this foundation is to start from where my mummy stopped, our goal is to see that the less privileged have right to a good life, especially the motherless, the girl child, widows, and the elderly,” Jegede said.


  1. Why won’t she be giving warnings when her own foundation is being ran with stolen funds from the Nigerian people. Can you run an NGO without profit? Won’t you pay the staff, won’t you fuel tand service he vehicle used? How about rent if it’s done in a rented place? Is it all the money Titi receives from donors and her husband’s cronies that she spends on the foundation? Nonsense talk from a national looter’s wife. Abeg, this talk won’t help in making you relevant against 2023.

  2. Any Nigerian, still under the erroneous misconception, that most ‘so called’ NGO incorporated in Nigeria are strictly charity/non profit organizations, should be chided for their gullibility. It is sad to note that the actual reasons for setting up those entities are for tax evasion and ‘gaming the system’ purposes. A lot of them only exist in paper, and through bank accounts, but do not have any identifiable physical location anywhere. They are used for import duty avoidance since a lot of them claim humanitarian reason for bringing in good to Nigeria. Thats why there are so many of them without meaningful impact in any of their supposed areas of interest. It is a disgraceful situation, and jst so disgusting to know that some Nigerians will go all out to make money through any means possible. Who did this to you Nigerians

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