A ’hellish’ night with AstraZeneca vaccine: A reporter’s experience

Kazeem Ugbodaga taking the AstraZeneca vaccine
Kazeem Ugbodaga taking the AstraZeneca vaccine

By Kazeem Ugbodaga 

It was pomp and ceremony on Friday, March 12, 2021 when the Lagos State Government officially rolled out the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, first for the frontline health workers and others in the frontline of the battle against the dreaded Coronavirus.

The venue was the Infectious Disease Hospital, IDH, Yaba where Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu was to take the vaccine publicly to re-assure Lagosians that the vaccine is safe.

As I got to the venue early before the governor’s arrival, I made an effort to register to take the vaccine as a journalist.

I consulted with some pressmen at the venue. Many didn’t want to take the vaccine. The fear was boldly written on many faces.

I called my wife to inform her of my decision to take the vaccine and right on the phone, she screamed “Don’t take it, don’t take it.” I laughed.

At exactly 3.00pm, Sanwo-Olu took the vaccine and his deputy, Dr. Kadri Hamzat also took it.

Before the governor’s arrival, Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi had taken the vaccine first.

With the governor taking jab, the fear of some was gone.

Along with a couple of journalists, I took the first jab. It was not painful, there was no reaction, I was joyous that I was among the first 100 people to take the vaccine in Lagos.

I worked late on Friday night and decided to go to bed around past 1.00am. I was already feeling pains that I had not felt before. Soon after I hit the bed, sleep vanished. I prayed: “Lord, give me sleep.”

My prayer was answered and I slept. I was rudely jolted out of sleep few minutes later with serious shivering I never felt before. I took the bedsheet and wrapped myself in, but I shook like a leaf.

Aside the shivering, internal high temperature set in. My whole system was aflame. I woke up my wife and said: “dear, touch my body, is it hot?” She said “no.”

But I could feel a hell of fire within me. The temperature was accompanied with sharp body pains. I could not sleep, pains, high temperature, headache and chill set in.

Later in the night, the internal temperature found its way out. But my body was hot outside.

I held my wife and she screamed because of how hot my body was.

I had a hellish night.

Sleep later came early in the morning. I slept till past 1.00pm on Saturday.

Though the headache and pains didn’t disappear, my body temperature normalised.

I called my other colleagues who took the vaccines to inquire if they felt the same way I felt last night. The story was the same with slight variation.

We all experienced the side effect of AstraZeneca vaccine which we were not told.

Later, I got to know that the side effects of AstraZeneca vaccine are: pain or tenderness at the injection site, headache, tiredness, muscle or joint aches, fever, chills and nausea.

I wrote this article, still with the body pains, tiredness and headache yet to disappear.

So if you want to take AstraZeneca vaccine, take note of the side effects, which I learnt will disappear in few days time.

*Ugbodaga is the editor of P.M.NEWS.


  1. All immunizations and innoculations have side effects. What Kazeem narrated is his experience, nobody has the right to call him a liar.Whoever doubts his experience should go and get the jab. Kazeem, thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Thank you, Mr Kazeem Ugbodaga, for providing this information. At least, it will prepare the mind of the people who are yet to take the vaccine against its side effects.

  3. Very vaccine, including BCG, Polio etc given to children and this guy will want to point a useless and naive picture because he took the vaccine, so after all the lies, how is your body feeling now? Rubbish!

  4. You are a liar. If with the way you choreographed the story, why didn’t you go to the hospital. I put to you that you are a bloody liar

    • Please show me your proof that he is a liar. Many EU countries have stopped giving their people AstraZeneca because of serious side effects. This weekend, Ireland stopped the vaccine because of blood clot. The US Drug Administration has not approved the vaccine pending further research and data collections. Mr. Kazzem Ugbodaga is not stopping you from getting AstrsZeneca vaccine.

    • Adeola, you are very petty, have you taken the vaccine? Go ahead and do, nothing wrong with that. I only want you to know the side effect and that is all. I have taken it that is how I felt. Please go on and take the vaccine, but there is reaction which differs from one person to another. Calling me a liar takes nothing away from me. This is not a child vaccine. If you look at the four phases of administering the vaccine, children are not mentioned or pregnant women because of child effect. Stop being vindictive. For your information, I was with my doctor on Saturday on this. No regret or apology for what I wrote. I put it to you that I am not a liar.

  5. I honestly don’t understand our government. I am very positive there are financial gain to be made from administering this vaccine to the people, if not why would our government be forcing on the citizens of Nigeria something that more advanced nations with the know how to analyze these vaccines be weary about the side effects and applying caution in the administration of the vaccine and we with dilapidated medical infrastructure be urging people to take this vaccine . Lord have mercy on us. I am 100% with governor Yaya Bello on not taking this vaccine. My people shine your eyes.

    • Unfortunately, I am not lazy, I don’t mislead people, I only narrated my experience, the story is not sensational as you claim, that was what happened. I only pointed out he side effects that all. Mind your choice of words Atepa.

    • First of all, you sound ridiculous. Boli, why don’t you think before positing a trash comment. Sometimes, I do not know what planet people like you come from. Mr. Kazeem Ugbodago is doing a good service by providing what happened to him and the side effects of AstraZeneca. Do you know that some EU countries have stopped giving the vaccine to their people and it’s not available in the US. I will advice you to please stop showing your intellectual and personality deficiencies.

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