Nigerians, Gambians, Italians, Albanians arrested in Italy drug bust

File Photo: A Nigerian arrested in Italy
File Photo: A Nigerian arrested in Italy

Fifty-two men and three women of Nigerian, Albanian, Italian and Gambian nationalities have been arrested in three countries, in a major drug bust by Italian police.

Police in Italy said the large drug trafficking network use buses to bring marijuana from Albania to Germany and other countries.

The suspects were said to have brought illegal drugs from the southern Albanian city of Vlora to Italy, where they were repackaged and distributed using buses and trains, according to the Carabinieri forces.

The Italian capital, Rome is the hub of several, cooperating gangs.

The police said one couple was detained in Germany.

Italian authorities closely collaborated with authorities in Germany and Albania, based on investigations from 2018 and 2019, which at the time also led to dozens of arrests, the Carabinieri said.

Source: dpa/NAN

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