All female auto mechanics graduate in Sokoto

the newly trained female auto mechanics in Sokoto
the newly trained female auto mechanics in Sokoto

Over two dozen female mechanics trained by the Nigeria Automobile Design and Development Commission (NADDC), have graduated in Sokoto.

The women were trained under the Nana Girls and Women Empowerment Initiative.

The program was aimed at providing skills to young women, to make them self-reliant.

The female mechanics at work
Jelani Aliyu with the female mechanics

Director General of the NADDC, Jelani Aliyu congratulated the newly-trained female mechanics and urged them to work hard in order to achieve greater heights.

“I believe this is how things need to be done, I am proud that this is happening right here, this is really big.

“It is the type of news that needs to be read in international magazines and be seen on places like CNN,.

“When we do this, we are not just empowering women, we are not just empowering girls, we are empowering the very fabric of society and humanity.

“I’m very delighted that this is happening, and to see this being spearheaded here is truly amazing”, Aliyu said.

Aliyu was working for General Motors in the U.S. as a car designer, when he came home to take the job at NADDC.

At GM, Aliyu was a senior creative designer.

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