FFK’s estranged wife drags him to court

Fani-Kayode and Precious Chikwendu
Fani-Kayode and his estranged wife, Precious Chikwendu

Precious Chikwendu, ex-beauty queen and estranged wife of former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has dragged him to court, demanding full custody of their four sons.

Chikwendu who accused Fani-Kayode of beating her up several times, even when she was pregnant, also accused Fani-Kayode of confining her to a hospital when she attempted to escape.

Chikwendu made the allegations in an affidavit she deposed in support of an originating motion in pursuant to Section 69 of the Child Rights Act, 2003.

According to her, she met Fani-Kayode in 2014 at the peak of her career and they soon fell in love and began living together and had four children, a son aged five and a set of triplets aged three.

“From the early days of our relationship, the respondent (Fani-Kayode), has always maintained a lifestyle of utter disregard to my feelings. This was evident in the way and manner the respondent assaulted me while pregnant with our first son.

“The respondent (Fani-Kayode) kicked me severally on my stomach over a petty argument that ensued. It was my friend, Vanessa, who was around at the material time that intervened at the nick of time to save me.

“I had to leave the respondent’s (Fani-Kayode’s) house a few days after this incident. The respondent (Fani-Kayode) repeated the same act when I was pregnant with triplets. This time, it was my mother and sister, Faith, that intervened,” she said.

Chikwendu alleged that on one occasion, Fani-Kayode and a former Divisional Police Officer of Asokoro Police Station drugged her.

She said she and the ex-minister soon became companions and began living together. She, however, said things soon turned sour as Fani-Kayode began exhibiting signs of paranoia.

She also alleged that the former minister accused her of infidelity and on several occasions locked her out of their home located on Aso Drive, Asokoro, Abuja.

She alleged that in a bid to spite her, Fani-Kayode had been taking pictures of the children with different women and posting them on social media.

In a response filed by one Oluwafemi Popoola on behalf of Fani-Kayode, the ex-minister said he had not been properly served with the court processes and hence could not respond appropriately.

The affidavit Popoola deposed to read in part, “Except there is service or proper service of the originating processes filed in this case on the respondent/applicant, this honourable court will lack the jurisdiction to conduct further proceedings.”

Chikwendu said, “I was incarcerated at a hospital for a period of two weeks. I was separated from my six-month-old triplets and a year-old son at the time.”

Chikwendu, who alleged that the ex-minister had denied her access to her children for several months, asked the court to compel Fani-Kayode to give her a monthly payment of N3.5m for the upkeep of their four sons

According to her, Fani-Kayode currently spends N1.8m on food, toiletries and others on the four children every month while N575,000 is spent monthly on clothing.

She said Fani-Kayode had continued to deny her access to the children in order to compel her to return to the marriage.

In the picture she posted online, it appears she was in Court on Friday, March 5, with her security details and legal team surrounding her.

She wrote on Instagram;

“You called me Khalesi because you knew that behind my pretty face, Is a warrior that never gives up. You kept mocking me and said i had nobody but i constantly told you, i have God.

Then the jackals thought i’m a tigress and kept off my track but still messing with my cobs. Now this Lioness is out for her cobs and wont stop till the sun stands still. Taking the sticks and stones thrown at me to build a house


  1. Good news. Let him keep making noise about how reach and peace maker he is. Yet he cannot make peace in his small family.

  2. FFK is a nice guy but not the kind of man a responsible lady shall call a husband. He loves any beautiful lady and such a man can never care for a loving lady as wife.

    Mrs or M/s

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