Amotekun arrest 2 suspected gay men in Ondo

Seyi Balogun and Tosin Arifalo caught having gay sex in Ondo
Seyi Balogun and Tosin Arifalo caught having gay sex in Ondo

By Nimot Adetola Sulaimon

Ondo State Security Network, Amotekun Corps have arrested two men caught having sex.

The duo, Seyi Balogun aka Amunidara, 42, and Tosin Arifalo,18, were arrested at Kajola in Ijoka area of Akure.

Meanwhile, the gay partners accused their significant other of luring them into having sex. Speaking to newsmen, Balogun, a native of Isua Akoko, claimed that it was Tosin that lured him into the act.

“I was never into it before, it was Tosin that came to me saying he loved me. I don’t like the homosexual act, he seduced me, he lured me into it. He threatened me that I have to obey him when I told him to give me rest of my mind.

”Since then, we have been having sex together. What I can say is that the devil caused it, and I have warned him not to come to my house again,” he said.

However, Tosin from Iro in Akure, said he was lured by Balogun into having sex with him three times.

Tosin explained that anytime Balogun wanted to have sex with him, he would take him to his house at Kajola in Ijoka. Also that Balogun introduced him to one of his friends, Olojijo, who had sex with him many times.

Both men have been handed over to the Ondo Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps for investigation and prosecution.


  1. Useless set of people calling themselves Amotekun instead of them to concentrate on what they are assigned to do, they are looking for people that are harmless to the society.

    The herdsmen that have been killing, kidnapping the citizens of the country are moving freely without the government doing anything to them but arresting people meaning no harm, has become their problem.

  2. Are gay insurgents?Amotekun should be ashamed of not getting their bearing right, their more threatening issues in the society than the issue of arresting people who are just going about their personal life, what has arresting gay got to do with Amotekun, in what way are they a threat to insecurity in the society.
    Amo whatever you are called get a life and stopped wasting tax people money go to the forest and combat insurgency

  3. That’s a bunch of crap. Amotekun has a lot of security job to do to protect Onto state and western region in general on the outskirts of our borders, rather than being in the interior to deal with daily affairs of our citizens. Civil defense should be good enough to handle that. There should be clear and definite roles mapped out for different organizations so that nobody usurp the role of others.

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