Aisha Yesufu reacts to Sowore’s appearance in court with herbalist

Aisha Yesufu
Aisha Yesufu

Socio-political activist and co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls movement, Aisha Yesufu has reacted to Sahara Reporters publisher Omoyele Sowore’s appearance in court on Tuesday.

Sowore stormed the premises of a magistrate court sitting in Wuse Zone 2, Abuja with a supporter dressed as a native doctor.

The #RevolutionNow convener shared pictures of his arrival in court on Twitter with the title of Ola Rotimi’s book The Gods are Not to Blame as caption.

Reacting in a Twitter post of her own, Yesufu said Sowore is mad man and asking him what he was doing.

Court workers, journalists, policemen, and other visitors were stunned at the presence of Sowore’s ‘native doctor’, with many breaking out in laughter.

Sowore is standing trial along with others over allegation of unlawful assembly and incitement, following a protest in the Abuja.

He was arrested alongside four others on New Year’s Eve for organising a candlelight procession in Abuja.

The prosecution alleges that the defendants called for a violent revolution against President Muhammadu Buhari.


  1. Aisha , it is your husband that is a mad man. And your entire Northern brothers and sisters that are mad. If your people are not mad how can you people set terrorists free but put up an innocent man for trial on treasonable felony for speaking against your misrule? Thank God agitations are coming up.

    • A little bit of sarcasm you don’t understany oud. It is just like seeing a footballer wearing a rain boot to play a match – and telling the person you are mad what are you wearing? Did you get it now or you are still in your ignorance?

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