Plot to nail Tinubu before 2023 thickens as EFCC steps up probe 

Tinubu and Bawa
Tinubu and Bawa

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

As 2023 presidency draws nearer, the fate of the National leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu hangs in the balance, as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, steps up his probe.

The EFCC late 2020 wrote the Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB, asking the body to furnish it with more information on Tinubu’s asset declaration.

Tinubu was governor of Lagos between 1999 and 2007.

New EFCC Chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa, who was then Zonal Head of the commission in Lagos then, signed the letter to the CCB for the then Acting Chairman.

It is believed that the appointment of Bawa as EFCC chairman will give him more power to probe Tinubu ahead of 2023.

The information in the letter, obtained by the Peoples Gazette, an online news platform, sought to probe into the eight-year reign of Tinubu as governor of Lagos State.

The EFCC had dragged Tinubu before the CCB during the administration of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

But the bureau threw out the case as the commission did not have substantial information to nail the former governor.

It is believed that the commission has now gotten more information to think of re-opening the case again.

The letter is marked CR/3000/EFCC/LS/Vol4/322, dated November 6, 2020.

Before the letter, an earlier one was written to the CCB in September 2020 to provide information on Tinubu, which the bureau did.

It appeared that the EFCC was not satisfied.

It wrote another letter for more information on Tinubu on November 6, 2020.

It read: “In view of the above, you are kindly requested to furnish the commission with the outstanding requested information of Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu.

“This request is made pursuant to Section 38(1) and (2) of the EFCC Act 2004.

“While treating as very urgent, accept the assurances of the Acting Executive Chairman’s highest regards, please.”


  1. Tinubu is a king maker that will never be king.
    Some one should better tell him that he will never rule Nigeria.
    The one i see every day is a failed state. Nigeria is a failed state.
    Nigeria can never work, so have stop praying for it to work.
    Am just waiting for that day Biafrans will rise to fight Nigeria, then i will show them that they have a war Lord in me. I will give my all make sure this failed marriage between the north and the south is alone.
    I know am not alone in this, they are many like me dat dream, breath and waiting for this day to come.
    Buhari has succeeded in diving this country because this country has never been this divided.
    I wish i can just see the anger and hatred in me, I have no love or mercy for the north again, because they are all the same.
    Nigeria has fail and will continue to fail until we go our seperate ways.

  2. Whether Tinubu is persecuted, probed or not, my stand is that presidency should return back to the South and an Igbo man should be elected President. This faulty union is either broken or restructured.

  3. If Jagaban of Borgu can escape the drug conviction in USA, can we assume that if he can produce more Bullion vans surreptitiously moving raw cash at night to the right quarters will save him this time as it did for him to have fake election victory in the recent past?

  4. All I know is that criminal cases don’t die. If someone committed murder, he must know that he can be arrested any time in the future. If you serve the public, why should you be afraid when the agency tasked with ensuring probity in the system is doing its job by inviting you? We need to praise the new EFCC boss for doing his job, afterall were we not blaming Magu for not investigating the two bullion vans that were sighted at Bourdillon street entering a private property? Should the new EFCC boss also wait for people to blame him before performing his duties? I think he deserves to be praised for taking his job seriously. Most Nigerians are compromised, hence the crocodile tears they are now shedding. I will ask those shedding tears to visit Youtube and watch a trending video titled “The Lion of Bourdillon”.

  5. The present probe of Tinubu’s assets declaration by the EFCC 13 years after he left public office and 9 years after a similar case was dismissed by the CCB is strange. It’s a two-edged sword. It may torpedo Tinubu’s presidential ambition but at the same time lead to the “demise” of the APC. It’s a classic paradox that without Tinubu, Buhari would not have been president…with Buhari, Tinubu would not be president.
    It’s a tragic betrayal of a man who gave so much, suffered so much for a man who had failed in three previous attempts and even wept as a result of his failure. The heart of a man can be desperately wicked.

    • Some witnesses in the case against Asiwanju Tinubu may be Ex Governor Ambode, ex boss of Alpha beta tax company allegedly owned by Tinubu, collecting 10% as commission for tax collection in Lagos state.

      Sanwo Olu and Fashola will stick with the FG to keep their oil flowing and Ahmed Tinubu left with his senators.

      The bullion van saga may also pop up.
      His daughter has been stopped by a court in Lagos from further stealing from the computer village traders in firm of levy.

      Greed, is killing the African race.
      That’s is why, there is no one Africa Country managed by Africans in the world that is prosperous.

      Corruption, warfare, underdevelopment and overpopulation leading to crime and insecurity has plague us.

      Unfortunately those who we thought are educated enough to help are the one further degrading us.

    • You see, some time i wonder if some of us, nigerians are sane human being.
      To cut the chase, let me quickly ask you a question and for your information, your life will be more meaningful if you can tell the truth. First of all, are you a nigerian or what are you? Secondly, what’s the current economy of nigeria after the exit of Goodluck Jonathan? Now, to what end did Bola Tinubu good deed brought to nigerians by bringing in the APC lead government?
      May God forgive some of us who talked out of cheer Evil Greed, personal gain and being inhuman.
      Pls, accept my sincere and open advice, do not Speak out of Turn like this again.
      You should strive to engaged in a labour of love, then you can find your way to enabling environment.


    After all these years, any attempt to go after Bola Tinubu is unjust. I have never met Tinubu. I don’t like his selfish me-me politics. I don’t like the ways he has turned Lagos State into his piggy bank. I have never seen anything Tinubu did to improve the lives of Lagosians. I don’t see the schools he built. The houses he built for the poor. I don’t see the hospitals he constructed. I don’t see his designated commercial zones as Awos. I don’t see anything he did to improve the education of Lagos students. I don’t see anything he has done.

    What I see is that his family members have cornered the important positions in Lagos. His daughter is the Iyaloje of Lagos. His wife is a federal Senator. And Tinubu wants to be President. His friends are in important positions. Those are his achievements. Those are the things being celebrated. Those are the things that made Tinubu the “Asiwaju.” Only in Nigeria. I beg!

    The block that deserveS to be President of Nigeria is the East, the Indigbo, not the Yorubas, even though I am from the West.

    No victor no Vanquished.

    Why can’t the Ibos produce the next president of Nigeria? The Ibos are the most enterprising. The Yorubas have produced the President and Vice President. The South South has produced the President. It is the turn of the Ibos.

    The Nigeria project has failed after 100 years. 1914 to 2014. While Americans and Chinese are going to the Moon, we are talking about Seriki. Wakilu. Herdsmen. Bandits. We are talking about our sleepy President. We are being sent back to the stone age.

    I think we Nigerians are not compatible. The North is not compatible with the South. The South is not compatible with the north. We are different peoples. The Union of different entities was by fiat of the British overlord. It has failed. We don’t share the same values. Everywhere you go in the world, you see the Ibos and the Yorubas and the southerners, working and going to schools. You don’t see Fulani.

    When the Fulanis go abroad, they go to send Nigeria’s money. They spend as if they are drunk. Yet, the Managing Director of Murtala Mohammad’s Airport is a Fulani. He is a captain. Are you saying there is nobody in the South and East who can man the Airport in Lagos. You have to bring a Fulani man down south? Is a Yoruba man controlling the Abuja Airport or the Malam Aminu Kano Airport? Something is wrong with Nigeria.

    The Director of Seme Border is Fulani. The director of Customs is a Fulani. The Nigeria Army is manned by a Fulani. Police nko? Fulani.

    President Buhari is presently practicing a Fulani Apartheid in Nigeria. South Africa needs to intervene. We need help or else it will be too late.

    Buhari is the worst leader Nigeria has ever produced. Abacha was even better, only that was a killer and thief. Abacha did not Fulanize Nigeria. Babangida did not Fulanize Nigeria. Obasanjo did not Fulanize Nigeria. Goodluck Jonathan did not Fulanize Nigeria. Buhari, by his negligence and lack of interest has completely abdicate his power by acts of omissions or commissions.

    This is not the Buhari of 1985. This is Baba Go Slow (2). Is this Buhari? Please tell me. I used to think Buhari was an action man.

    Now, we don’t hear from our President. Where is President Buhari? On the most important issues in the Nation, security, Buhari is missing in action. That itself is a violation of his Constitutional oath.

    President Buhari is Baba Go Slow (2). By now, I am sure, President Obasanjo is working on a long letter on the State of the Nation. He is only biding his time. In any event, we supported Buhari despite the fact that President Obasanjo warned us. He did. We failed to listen to him.

    Now to go back to Tinubu. Going after Tinubu after all these years will violate not only his due process rights but his substantive due process rights. A case must be brought to an end at one time or the other. At the risk of double jeopardy, I don’t think the Nigeria government should have the power to continue to oppress the citizens, any citizen regardless of his oddity, by bringing charges any time it deems fit. Is there a statute of limitation? Tinubu may be a very odious person, but I will defend his right to process that is due. The Nigeria’s government failed to prove its case, that’s it. It is done. Move on.

    Tinubu, as far I know, is not Wakilu. Tinubu is not a Herdsmen. Tinubu is no a bandit. He could be a paper bandit, not the one in the bush. That itself is arguable. I don’t know. Move on.

    President Buhari, Nigeria is falling apart.

    • I think it does make sense for some of us to support Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu even though he is truly the deceptive person he is with his role on Alpha beta tax consultant and role on Lekki toll gate to the Endsars killings, Bullion van saga etc.

      The division will be fantastic as some of us supports him and others supports the FG EFCC.

      By this the fight will be more serious between:
      Tinubu hypocritical followers VS FG efcc followers.

  7. North controls APC not south west.
    The North West CN choose my region Nd make that region president. Yes Tinubu has done. Lot of work but he too has benfited a lot. So if he is not president, he has no regret .

  8. As at present, all things remaining the same God forbid, there would be no elections in 2023, not to talk about the existence of ALL PROGRESSIVE CRIMINALS (APC).

    • Yes, no election in 2023…so says Umolu, who believes he’s got God’s notebook.

  9. Let APC come out with 200 million registered members. APC will not win or rule the country in the next election. It is the people votes that will count.

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