Our abductors threatened to kill, fry, eat us – Jangebe schoolgirl

The freed Jangebe schoolgirls

By Abubakar Ahmed

One of the abducted schoolgirls of Zamfara Government Girls Secondary School, Jangebe, said the captives threatened to kill, fry and eat them if they misbehaved.

Hafsat Anka stated that they trekked over a long distance from the school, had a stopover for some hours before they reached their destination.

“There was no clean water or good food, and we felt we had already spent years even though it was our first day and the bandits kept firing into the air to scare us.

“They were very young boys with one elder they called Kasalle or Yaya who gave them instructions, and he was the one that stopped them from touching any of us,” Hafsat stated.

According to her, the bandits wore military uniforms and claimed they defeated the security officials by invading the school and successfully whisking the girls away.

Hafsat, who said she was happy for being rescued, pointed out that she would continue her studies but as a day student.


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  • How were they fed? Obviously, they were Fulani boys, we are no longer bothered by this other than the embarrassment these animals are giving Nigeria, otherwise, to hell with all of them

  • Hard to believe that a ragtag group could take good care of hundreds of young girls in their custody for such a long time. Is the hand of Federal Government in this shameful drama going on in the North?