JUST IN: Buhari celebrates release of Jangebe schoolgirls

The freed Jangebe schoolgirls
The freed Jangebe schoolgirls

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed “overwhelming joy” over the release of the Jangebe schoolgirls abducted last Friday in Zamfara State.

“I join the families and people of Zamfara State in welcoming and celebrating the release of these traumatized female students,” Buhari said in a statement signed by Garba Shehu, the SSA media.

President Buhari said he was excited that their ordeal came to a happy end without any incident.

He said “being held in captivity is an agonizing experience not only for the victims, but also their families and all of us.”

However, while celebrating the release of the students, the President called for greater vigilance by the people so that human intelligence could be collected early enough to nip the bandits’ plans in the bud.

He warned that the time has come to reverse, completely, the grim and heartbreaking incidents of kidnapping.

“Ransom payments will continue to prosper kidnapping,” he warned, while urging the Police and the Military to go after these kidnappers and bring them to justice.


  1. He should be ashamed this is weekly stuff under his watch – a military General, but he has no shame! Failed leader, wicked leader, insensitive leader, ethnic &religious bigotry leader, corrupt leader….

  2. Honestly, I don’t understand this Buhari government. How can you be celebrating something that not meant to happen, what a shame? In the 21st century 289 students taking away by some gangsters and you are celebrating inefficiency. SAD!

  3. This Tony is confused. Why spread your confusion everywhere.
    Stop being funny.
    You were singing praises. And killing your own people? So stupid as you look.
    FiG should not stop your madness?
    Go and jump into ocean. You re useless.
    Kidnappers are there with you in Orlu. What have you done?
    You are making mouth here and there.
    Come Nd join army. It is for boys who are strong not for empty MN like you hiding behind your mother. Soldier work is not for lazy People like you.

  4. He calls himself a General. General my foot. Celebrating the release of kidnap victims. If he is not culpable why isn’t he investigating the Northerners involved in this reoccurring large scale kidnappings in the North? Igbo youths were singing praises to their God this same useless and heartless general deployed helicopters gun boats and bombers to wipe out the peaceful Igbos in ORLU town. Nigeria is going down the drain.

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