Smart Adeyemi is a mad man, Gov. Ikpeazu fires back

Adeyemi and Ikpeazu
Adeyemi and Ikpeazu

Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu has hit back at Senator Smart Adeyemi, calling him a mad man.

Adeyemi, who represents Kogi West senatorial District had called Ikpeazu a drunkard, saying “Abia is governed by drunkards.”

The senator, while speaking on the floor of the upper chamber said “some governors are doing their best, we are lucky to have a governor (Yahaya Bello) who has taken the issue of security as a serious priority. We are bordered by nine states, but we had an experience of the unfortunate incidents that are happening in neighboring states.

“Some governors are committed to the protection of their people, in my state the governor awarded contracts for the renovations of schools and provides security services to them.

“In some states of Nigeria today, where we have highly intelligent people, highly educated people, very enterprising people… like Abia but they are governed by drunkards.

“The governor of Abia is a champagne drinking man. Abia people are impoverished more than ever before. Abia people are unfortunate.”

But Ikpeazu, hit back at a book presentation in Abuja titled: “Made in Aba,” The book was written by the Minority Leader of the Senate, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe,

The governor, before ending his speech said for those who would think that the man coming behind the microphone to speak as Governor of Abia State is a drunkard, “permit me to say that I don’t drink at all and I don’t begrudge those who drink.”

Ikpeazu said in other places, even countries that have less problems, they discussed big issues of security, economy and infrastructure development.

“They don’t talk about what people do and what they do not do. For us leaders, it is a calling. If you are called to lead you are also called to be a mentor to young ones and what you say, how you carry yourself and the things you say and the times you say them speaks a lot about how serious you are as a person,” he added in a report by The Nation.

Ikpeazu now borrowed a quote from a book written by the late legendary writer, Chinua Achebe to sum up his attack on Adeyemi, saying “If a mad man picks your clothes while you are in the bathroom and takes off and you go after him naked, nobody would know who is mad after all.”



  1. Please ignorant the man and you will command respect. That day Adeyemi spoke like a possessed man. You have rightly said.Dont run out of bathroom naked in pursuing him.

  2. As I can’t really say that I know the genesis of this altercation, all I can say is that it’s very unfortunate. Under what circumstances can an honorable member of the upper house refer to an honorable state governor? I can’t fathom what it can all be about.
    Perhaps, all I can say is that both men should bury the hatchet and let it rest. As I said earlier, it’s a very sad thing to think about, even if there are political differences between them because there’s always life outside politics. Even as things are in Nigeria today, I still expect political gladiators to meet outside and embrace themselves. Once they are back in their saddle, they can easily engage in politics again. That’s the best way to go about it, no bitterness at all (Waziri Ibrahim).

  3. “I can’t run after lunatic who stole my clothes, Ikpeazu replies Adeyemi” so ikpeazu has decided to run after lunatic who stole his clothes, sorry Mr governor you can clearly see the reasons why majority of politicians in Nigeria were lunatic man including some governor, Ipeazu inclusive quite unfortunate.

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