No food for South West until Fulani are safe – Miyetti Allah

Illustration: Miyetti Allah at a press conference: two chieftains of the group shot dead in Nasarawa
Illustration: Miyetti Allah at a press conference: two chieftains of the group shot dead in Nasarawa
Illustration: Miyetti Allah at a press conference

Coordinator of the Kwara State chapter of Miyetti Allah Association of Cattle Breeders, Aliyu Mohammed, has said that the blockade of cattle and foodstuffs to the South West through Kwara State will continue until the safety of Fulani is guaranteed in the region.

Mohammed speaking to newsmen after a crucial meeting of the association in Ilorin on Sunday, said the action is a warning shot to ensure a peaceful operation of businesses by the Fulani and to end the harassment of the tribe in the south.

He also said not all Fulani are criminals, adding “Just as you have in any society where there are good and bad people.”

Mohammed insisted that “It is not only Fulanis that commit crimes in the country, but it was sad that everything happening now is heaped on Fulani herdsmen.”

The coordinator said the association was ready to fish out the bad eggs in their midst.

According to him, “We have concluded at our meeting today that anybody who comes to Kwara State claiming to be Fulani herder under questionable circumstances, will be reported to the security agencies for necessary action.

“Our vigilantes will monitor the bush and the forests where there are no security agencies and report suspected cattle rustlers who disguise as cattle herders to perpetrate crimes,” he added.

Mohammed appealed to the Federal government to arrest Sunday Igboho, who evicted the Fulani from Igangan in Ibarapa Local Government Area of Oyo State, for the alleged destruction of their properties and killing of their people.

He, however, commended Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for his statesmanship in accommodating and cooperating to ensure the safe landing of Fulanis in the state.


  1. Uneducated Cow Aliyu Mohammed, why can’t you go to Igboho and arrest him instead of you begging the Federal Government? For your information, Igboho hasn’t violate any law. You have the gut in threatening the South West about the blockade of foodstuff. Why don’t you stick the foodstuffs in your nose. A**hole.

  2. I hope he didn’t say this, but if he did, why has he not been arrested. That is seditious. He should be the one being arrested, not Igboho who is a human rights fighter.
    Another evidence that Buhari’s government is weak, partial and nepotistic.

    • Well stated. The Coward Buhari will not dare arrest Cow Aliyu Mohammed because he is a Fulani. I have been saying it for a while that Buhari lacks leadership traits. In fact, the name Buhari makes me REGURGITATE.

  3. Let them eat their food and see who will loose. The best thing our South-South, South-East, South-west government can do is to create a system that will prevent from bringing their food here without task. Task their goods and let local farmers regain their right to farm and provide security to them in the farm. Let Fulani eat their cow stop them from coming to harass our farm in the their farm. Once the farm is save, many youth here will be willing to return to farm and farm.

  4. Let them go and eat their Cow, Pepper, Beans, and the rest.
    We will take care of ourselves.They are the one that sent our farmers away due to their wickedness.
    To hell with them, and their foods.

  5. Very interesting. The North does not consume the foods they produce. They produce them for the South. Give them few days, hunger will teach them lessons. Maybe, next time bandits will be going from house to house kidnapping them. They have forgotten that hunger will send South West people to farm. Very soon, their foods will be worthless to South West.

    • You are correct sir. We must produce, like and apperciate our own foods. I have always been against the notion that tomatoes from the north tastes better.

  6. These people are hypocrites. You stop trailers from bringing food supplies to the South West but allow fuel tankers to pass through.

  7. I said it before. The reason they are destroying our farms is to cause food shortages and wage food war against the South Westerns.

    Time to go back to subsistence farming. If we think of importing food from other neighbouring countries, Buhari will close the borders.

    Yoruba Ronu

  8. Some Nigerians are foolish and stack illiterates. If Fulani stops sending foods to the southern part of Nigeria including South West, does it mean that the South will STOP allowing PETROLEUM, DIESEL & other food PRODUCTS obtained from the South to flow up North to Fulani nations? NO Because reasonable heads and senses will know you can’t stop one tribe from allowing nations resources to move from one part of the country to the other. Only Myetti Allah wishes have their brains upside down in thinking they can stop Fulani foods and cows to South West or South South, because they are being told to stop kidnapping, Raping and killing of innocent souls in other regions of the country.

  9. The South West DON’T need your food. It’s delusional to ever think that the South West can’t survive without your poor food? That’s a very myopic way of thinking. So your thinking is that because you are bringing food to sell in the region, you will use that to take over the region’s land! God forbid bad thing. It’s better that you take your food elsewhere to sell. The South West will source for its own food elsewhere. We don’t need your food again in the region

    • The Fulani spokesperson said that the association will fish out the bad eggs among them and hand them over to the police.
      We have been hearing this since the problem some years ago, how many criminal fulanis have the organization handed over? Meanwhile, lives are still being lost daily to the killer fulani herdsmen.

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