‘Nigeria on the brink of bloody civil war’


By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has said Nigeria is on the brink of bloody civil war following the security situation in the country.

Fani-Kayode, in an interview on Channels TV Sunday Politics said the country is now more than divided than ever, with security situation engulfing every part of the nation.

He said everyone must feel concerned as the nation seeks solution to its security problems.

“This country is on the brink of war, the security situation is so bad that it’s not just good enough for us to get up and be throwing stones, for example, at the president and the governors and saying they have not done enough.

“We’ve got to proffer solutions to the problems that we are all facing. We also may be able to say something to them privately which we may not be able to say publicly, because it might create an even greater problem,” he said.

Fani-Kayode added: “This country is divided now, divided into regional, ethnic and religious lines, we cannot run away from that fact, everything that is happening today, I was in your programme and I told you what would happen as far back as 2015.

“And sadly, I have been proved right. There is no point in going on about who is right and who is wrong, it’s time for us to come together to talk to one another.

“Northerners should talk to Southerners, southerners should talk to northerners, Christians should talk to Muslims, APC should talk to PDP and APGA should be included and anybody else who is a leader, every stakeholder in this country must come together because what we are facing is a situation which might cause a very brutal, bloody civil war for the next 50 years in this nation.

“And believe me, we are there on the ground and we interact with people and if you look at what is happening in the North, if you look at what is happening in the Middle Belt, you look at what is happening in the Southwest and South-South and South East, all you see is chaos, carnage, murder, killings and kidnapping everywhere, usually by the same suspects.

“It is a very tragic situation which affects each and every one of us, so if you are a leader that is still practising politics in the normal way, that is to say there is no point in dialogue, then you are not really a leader. It is time for us to come together, bury our differences as one and try to solve the problems of this country together.”        `


  1. When a woman is about to give birth to a baby the more the baby get closer the more the pain in her the more she feels uncomfortably but immideatly she try and push the baby out she feels comfortable and happy to see her labour until will endure and push the pain the south west and south south will forever be in uncomfortable situation in this country and can never see their labour and joy and happiness of labour this is my cote

  2. It would be an opportunity for the Hausas, the Kanuris, the Tivs and other northern oppressed groups to be freed from slavery. Not to talk about the West, East and South starting a new life. I am for one Nigeria, but it is the arrogant Fulanis pushing the rest of us. It would be the time to put them back where they belong – Niger Republic and the bush.

  3. Am surprised. FFK is now a new person. Is no longer speaking straight or categorically. He is neither here nor there. He is no longer speaking truth to leadership. Na waa

  4. This clown cannot shut up for one day. If you were so afraid of a war why pump out kids every other month from multiple women

  5. If the news circulating that the north has diverted its cows and foodstuffs to Cameroon and Niger republic for sale is true, then the entire south should look outside too and purchase whatever they need from neighboring nations. It will be foolish to allow anyone dominate you and take over your land because you are buying cows from them. After all, the cows are not free since you are paying for them.
    As for FFK’s warnings on impending war, I can only tell him that anymore who wants to live in peace must always be prepared for war.

    • It is widely known that anyone who wants to live in peace must always be prepared for war. That is why most developed nations spend a large percentage of their annual budgets on war accoutrements and preparations without really expecting attack from any nation.

  6. Unless there is a drastic change of tactics, policy and human management by this President, I don’t see Nigeria surviving beyond 2023.

    The current policy of the fulani herdsmen led federal government of Nigeria portends danger and tends towards a civil war.

    What a bigoted, prejudiced, clannish, despotic, sadistic, nepotistic, fulanized, jaundiced and clueless government.

    What a situation. I take stroll. Nonsense.

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