Blockade of farm products from North to South act of war – Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi Kanu

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu on Monday said the blockade of farm products from North to South by the Fulani should be considered an act of war.

Kanu, in a tweet, said Nigerians knew that the Fulani did not farm, but that it was the same Fulani blocking farm products from North to South.

He wondered why President Muhammadu Buhari tolerated this act.

Kanu said if the South blocked oil and gas, the north would levy massacre.

“Nigerians know that the Fulani do not farm. Yet, it’s the Fulani that is blocking movement of farm products from North to South.

“Such blockade should be considered an act of WAR, yet the Fulani Nigerian President tolerates it. If the South blocks oil & gas, they will levy massacre.”

Coordinator of the Kwara State chapter of Miyetti Allah Association of Cattle Breeders, Aliyu Mohammed, had on Sunday said that the blockade of cattle and foodstuffs to the South West through Kwara State would continue until the safety of Fulani is guaranteed in the region.

Mohammed, speaking to newsmen after a crucial meeting of the association in Ilorin on Sunday, said the action is a warning shot to ensure a peaceful operation of businesses by the Fulani and to end the harassment of the tribe in the south.

He also said not all Fulani are criminals, adding “Just as you have in any society where there are good and bad people.”

Mohammed insisted that “It is not only Fulanis that commit crimes in the country, but it was sad that everything happening now is heaped on Fulani herdsmen.”


  1. This goes to confirm the believe that if the oil we have in the South is in the North God knows that Nigeria wouldn’t be together today. The North would have gone their way long time ago. Very selfish and ungrateful set of people. Let us hit them back. They are evil.

  2. The South should cut off all facilities supplying oil to the North. Do me i do you God no go vex. If this will peacefully lead to the break up of Nigeria so be it. To your Northern and Southern protectorates Oh Nigeria.

  3. We are just big clowns in the South. We just talk. The North is better organised, more strategic and take very measured steps!! This is not a blockade, blockhead; this is them saying they won’t trade with you again!! If you call this an Act of War, then what will you call us telling them (also Nigerians) to leave the South? A friendly act?? Commonsense has taken flight from our land….

  4. Without any shadow of doubt, blockade of farm products from north to south is invariably a declaration of WAR by the fulanis.

    In the unfortunate events that war erupts in Nigeria, it will be the fulanis against the rest of the ethnic nationalities, not even the Hausas would fight with the killer Fulani herdsmen.

    In such instances, the fulanis would be crushed and possibly obliterated within 3 weeks and Nigeria will forever has peace and stability, politically, socially and economically.

    The killer fulani herdsmen are the biggest threats to national security of Nigeria.

    What a people and their readiness to shed innocent blood.

    What a situation. I take a stroll. Nonsense.

    • And what do you call asking them (Nigerians) to leave the South?? An Act of Friendship??? Something is really wrong with us, Nigerians!!! We all getting so selfish, self-centred, myopic and tribalistic….

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