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 Milani Exotic Car Rental
Milani Exotic Car Rental

As more countries re-open for air travel, passengers and aircrew are paying more attention to the way they travel, with a stronger focus on health and safety.

Milani Exotic Car Rental which has also established itself as Atlanta’s leading private jet charter service with service to hundreds of destinations has reiterated the importance of private charter travel, not only for style and class but also for other considerations.

The first thing the company harps on is safety, stating that private jet travel provides a safer way to fly by reducing the passengers’ exposure to health and security risks. Passengers flying via a commercial airline go through 700 touch-points on every flight, whereas private jet travelers only encounter 20 touch-points, according to analysis by GlobeAir AG, a leading European very light jet (VLJ) operator.

The Atlanta, Georgia based rental company iterates the importance of value.

“Private charter has become more affordable in recent years, with private flight costs going down by 30% to 50%, bringing them closer than ever to the rates of first class and business class tickets on commercial carriers,” the company states.

In addition, Milani Exotic Car Rental raises the issue of time, privacy and security and comfort and amenities available on charter services.

From their primary locations at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK) and Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Milani Exotic Car Rental operates a worldwide partnership network, enabling them to offer customers a selection of over 50,000 light, mid-size and large-cabin aircraft for every need.

“Through our private jets charter services you can fly to airports worldwide in the same five-star comfort we offer on the road. You’ll enjoy the benefits of our professionalism and expertise throughout your Milani experience. Our aviation adviser team works with you to coordinate all of the logistical details of your trip, from catering and ground transportation to keeping you updated on changing weather forecasts ” says an official of the company,” says the company.

Milani Exotic Car Rental, is the premier exotic car rental service and private jet charter in Atlanta, GA. With locations at both DeKalb-Peachtree (PDK) Airport or Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International (ATL) Airport, and delivery options throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee, no local luxury car rental business covers as much ground as Milani.

They offer a huge selection of elite luxury cars and SUVs from manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, Mercedes, Cadillac, Maserati, Range Rover, BMW and Porsche.

They also provide full-compliment wedding and chauffeur services, as well as in-demand cars for film and photo shoots.

“We put you behind the wheel of the best cars in the world. Visit our location at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport or Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport to choose from our unsurpassed selection of luxury car rentals,” says their mission statement on their website.

The company also offers delivery services throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee.

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